Meet the Team!

Hi, I'm  Vivienne, the founder and editor of Serendipity Reviews. 
Want to know about me?
Well I 'm not really the Don of UK book blogging as some lovelies like to call me. I'm not really Hurricane Viv either, as the YA author, Amy Plum  has often referred to me as.  However I am a force of nature - as well as being a book mad crazy lady who is unagented and has an unpublished MG book shoved up her jumper!  In the past I've been shortlisted for the New Talent Award for the Festival of Romance. I was also a judge for the Hot Key Books Young Writers Competition. This year I won the Champion of Content award at the UKYA Book Awards. The blog also featured in the Top Ten Book Bloggers list in The Guardian earlier this year.

I 'm a mother of two and I gave up teaching in order to pursue my dreams of being a published author; a dream I have held since I was a little girl. Until that day, I will support and celebrate the authors who have reached their goal of publication.

I began blogging in 2009 and I am still going strong, thanks to my team of reviewers.  My blog is mainly a book reviews site, where I tell everyone about the fabulous books I have read. I also include interviews with authors, as well as showcasing publishers hot new releases.
As many of you know I'm  busy with my writing at the moment.   I really didn't want the blog to suffer but I knew I couldn't read at the same rate I had been reading, so I asked for some guest reviewers and these ladies jumped on board. So I thought it would be nice to introduce them.
So please say hello to these lovely ladies.
K. M. Lockwood  
I live by the sea in Sussex although I come from Yorkshire. Some of my favourite things are scuba diving, poking round churchyards and ruins, and reading about myths and legends. I love to write and my stories always involve at least one of my favourite things. 
My bookshelves are full of books about the sea, tales with a touch of magic in them, and ghost stories. 
I post on my blog every week – usually about writing - and it’s always good to hear from other readers and writers. Please drop in. 
Isabella Samuels
I am a West Sussex student who spends every spare minute reading so that one day I can become the best possible writer I can be. I've always been a compulsive reader, devouring fiction at every available opportunity, so much so I've had to get a part time job to fund the hobby!  I like almost any genre, with a particular interest in historical fiction, but must admit to being a complete chicken when presented with anything remotely scary.

Caroline Hodges
Howdy, I’m Caroline. I tend to operate on the internet under ‘Musing Dragon’. You can call me whatever you like.
I currently work for Transport for London on some cycling promotion type stuff (that’s cycling ya hear? Take your issues with buses/tubes/trains elsewhere!). I found myself writing for Serendipity Reviews somewhat by mistake after a one-off review for The Assassin’s Curse after winning an ARC. Prior to that, I was a fan of reading reviews by the likes of Sister Spooky (real life friend and chocolate maker).
I’ve always been a fan of books and grew up reading mostly fantasy novels by the likes of long-time favourite authors Robin Hobb, C S Friedman and Anne Bishop. My reading is fairly broad nowadays however, dabbling in Young Adult, historical and popular fiction. Outside of reading, I play World of Warcraft, have two cats named Honey and Bagel (who bring me regular dead animals as presents) and like to travel.
If you want to chat about books, cake or to slate one of my reviews, don’t hesitate to tweet me @musingdragon
Liss Norton
Liss Norton is a children's author with thirty books published in the UK and internationally. One of her books has been televised in Australia and another won the Picture Book of the Year award in South Korea. Liss is a regular visitor to school book weeks, where she loves inspiring budding readers and writers.
Liss is a member of SCBWI and kindly hosts a local group for authors which I have recently started to attend. Liss was eager to join the reviewing team  along with my other talented reviewers. Liss would like to specifically review books for the  5 to 7 and  7 to 9 year old  age brackets, so if any publishers have any books that you would like reviewed  that fits this age group, then please email me at and I will forward them to Liss for her perusal.
Jill Atkins
Jill Atkins
Hi! I’m an escaped teacher and have been writing for children for quite a while now. I don’t have an agent, but I’ve had 46 books published for children and YA by various publishers. 
I’ve got two grown-up children and five grandchildren who love to read my books, but I’d never dream of putting any of them in a story!
Since I was a child, I have always been an avid reader and loved writing stories. Now I still read, read, read - adult, YA, children’s and I’m always amazed at the brilliant stuff that is written so I’m very happy to review new books. My favourite age group is 7-9 and 9-12.
I’m currently writing a book for 7-9 year olds set in Victorian times. It’s for a new series for Scholastic that will be out in August.
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Elizabeth Dale
(if you are thinking the surname is very familiar, you would be correct. Elizabeth is author, Katie Dale’s mum and just as fabulous an author!)
'Hi, I'm delighted to join Viv's team as that means I can read lots of lovely children's books and tell myself I'm working! I live in West Sussex, looking out on my garden for inspiration with my lap top keeping my knees warm. I originally began writing teenage and women's fiction for magazines and then, when I discovered the joy of reading to my three daughters when they were young, I started writing for children, too. And that's turned out to be the greatest fun of all. I have had nearly thirty children's books published, from picture books up to age 12, but I've also returned to my roots and now write for teenagers again, too. I would love to review anything from picture books up to teenage.
Sophie Duffy
Hi, I’m Sophie Duffy, mother of three teenagers who lives at the seaside in Teignmouth, Devon. I used to be a primary school teacher but now I write novels. My first, The Generation Game was published last summer. My second, This Holey Life, came out in August 2012.