Tuesday 23 August 2011

Lottie Biggs Is Not Tragic by Hayley Long

Pages - 265
Published by Pan Macmillan ( August 5th)

Opening lines.
Just when I thought I knew everything about me that there is to know, I have gone and shocked myself. I am potentially the next Lady Gaga. I've written my very own chart-topping smash hit pop classic, which succeeds in being both poppy and light and deep and meaningful all at the same time. When you consider that I gave up music at the end of Year 9, this is actually quite  incredible. 

Goodreads Summary
Just when things were starting to look up for Lottie her life's gone a bit pear-shaped, wonk-ways and downside up again. Her mum's all soppy over a bloke with a horrible shemo daughter, her best pal Goose has disappeared in a cloud of nerd-gas and Lottie's in the midst of an existential crisis. There's only one thing to do - get the hell out of Cardiff and go on the road with the gorgeous Gareth Stingecombe (and his manly thighs). But things don't go to plan, and Lottie starts to realise she might have been a bit me me me lately...a female emo, obviously The wit of Louise Rennison meets the depth of Jacqueline Wilson.

This is the final book in a trilogy all about Lottie Biggs. I haven't read the first two books, so I was dubious to read this one as a standalone, but I was assured it would stand extremely well on its own and it most definitely did.

This book is hilarious to begin with. The first couple of pages had me stitches , but also made me cringe as I can remember doing exactly the same things at Lottie's age. I went through that stage of writing songs and believe me they were cringe worthy! It really was an entertaining read. Some of the thoughts that went through Lottie's head were surreal at times but very entertaining.  Once I realised the book was set in Wales, I couldn't help reading the story in the voice of Stacey from  the hit UK comedy Gavin and Stacey. I found it just flowed so easily with a Welsh accent!

This book is full of really cool illustrations which still appeal to me as an adult. I honestly felt like I had stepped into a time machine and been transported back to my teenage years. I just thought Lottie and her friends were fabulous. Poor Gareth, his pitiful attempts to admit his love for Lottie were sweet as well as embarrassing. 

I think this book is really in disguise. I am convinced it is a step by step guide for teenagers to help them deal with relationships.  I say this because there was lots of hidden information which teenagers would absorb without realising. These are the things that I learnt from the book (even though I am old, you can teach an old dog new tricks!)

1) Never judge someone by other people's standards.
2) Just because someone isn't deemed popular as others, it doesn't mean they are not cool to know.
3) Try and think of other people's feeling first.
4) Treat others as you would expect to be treated yourself.
5) Always value the people closest to you. 
6) Learn to love yourself. 

See!  Hayley Long secretly wrote a YA self help book!  

A really entertaining read that will secretly change your teenager from a stropster to a heavenly angel. ( I can dream can't I?)


  1. I love those thing you learnt, so true. I do love a book that teaches something too

  2. Those hidden advice is so, so important to learn. Hayley Long sounds like she's found a wonderful way of hiding little important things in something that is also a wonderful book.

    I have to remember this for the time when my two reach their teens or our girl at least.

  3. Lovely review! I'm so looking forward to this book - I really enjoyed the first two.

  4. I always think its a sign of a good read when it appeals to both the young and not so young. Thanks for another great review Vivienne, I like both the look (an interesting cover don't you think?) and sound of this one.

  5. This book sounds wonderful! I love that it teaches with humor.

  6. Awesome review Viv!! I cant wait to read it!! EEEEEE! *dances*

  7. This is high up on my tbr list. Sounds fun. Excellent review and I'm loving the self help book x

  8. Haha. I saw Cardiff and was like, 'Woo! My homeland!' Hahahaha.

    I love that everyone outside of Wales lovees Stacey from Gavin & Stacey's Welsh accent. They're all so exagerated. Hahaha. No-one from Barry really sounds like that and definitely no-one from Cardiff. Love it though.

    I love that this is a modern Welsh story though. Yay! Most Welsh books take place about 50-60 years ago and every Tom, Dick and Harry's a miner. :P Such a stereotype.

    Will have to get my hands on this series. It sounds great. :) And loved your review.


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