Monday 6 August 2012

The Movie Maker with Sarah Alderson

As part of the Losing Lila blog tour,  Sarah Alderson is here today to present her fantasy cast list for the film. version. 
Often I will have a particular actor in mind when I create a character though some of the time I’m just creating them out of what’s in my head – a composite of people I know, or musicians, actors, even models (I do like to spend time scouring for my perfect leading men).

I sold the movie rights to Hunting Lila (though it’s still a long way from being made into a movie) and the producers asked me for my dream cast list. Straightaway I shot back ‘the entire cast of Game of Thrones’. I love that show. I love anything HBO makes actually. Omar from the Wire is my ideal Key. I based the character on him looks-wise.
Alex was always based on the actor Alex Skarsgard after I saw him in Generation Kill. He played a Marine called Ice man. I watched him on screen and just thought – yeah, that’s my Alex. In fact I named Alex after him. If I ever met him I think I’d die.
I never had anyone in mind for Lila – though recently I saw the movie The Descendants and thought that George Clooney’s daughter in that would be perfect.
Lila’s father was always Robert Downey Junior in my mind. I have a huge crush on him and on Ian Glen, a British actor, who I would love to play Richard Stirling.
Rachel in my mind is my friend Myanna Buring, who’s an actress. She plays Tanya Denali in Twilight: Breaking Dawn and she’s impossibly glamorous. She’d be perfect in the role. Although I could also see her playing Sara too. Or even Amber. She’s that versatile.
The only two real people are Harvey and Suki; these are based on people I know. Harvey is my best friend’s husband and Suki is based on a girl I know who works in fashion in London, though
the real Suki isn’t as boy crazy (though she is fashion obsessed).
All my fantasy casts are on my website.
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  1. tick, tick and tick!!! Great choices on your fantasy cast! Oh wrote him so well in the Lila books - he could only ever be Alex Skarsgard (Generation Kill)! Cheers Marissa

  2. Alex, bare chested wearing only jeans....hmmmm.....yum! I do like Alex S. ooo Ice Man .... G I Joe manly Marine...drooling.........


    Awesome Posting!!

  3. Oh, I do like that pic of Alexander Skaarsgard....


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