Thursday 4 October 2012

The Day I Met... Leigh Bardugo

Last Tuesday I was invited to Waterstone's Piccadilly to meet Leigh Bardugo, the debut author of The Gathering Dark. The Gathering Dark is an amazing read and you can find my review here. 
On arrival, we were offered wine and cakes alongside a rather special cocktail, although I couldn't tell you what was in it. 
 The gorgeous Nina Douglas, one of the most hardworking publishing people I know, dressed suitably for the occasion in a ushanka, a traditional Russian hat, to celebrate the Russian influence in the story. 
 Nina introduced Leigh before Casey from Dark Readers showed her the tribute film she had made especially to celebrate the book and Leigh's visit to the UK. 
 Casey actually made Leigh cry, which brought tears to my eyes too. Casey's video can be shown at the bottom of the post. 
 Leigh was lovely and very down to earth. I think she is still quite stunned that she has finally got a book published and is definitely living the dream. I came away quite inspired by her. She talked about how the story came to be after being frightened in the pitch black one night over Halloween. 
 She discussed her journey to publication and talked about how supportive other authors had been to her. 
 Leigh also read a small passage from the book 
It was a lovely evening - thank you to Nina Douglas for inviting me. Thanks also to Waterstones Piccadilly for holding such a fabulous event. Also a big thank you to Leigh for being so inspirational and making me believe I can never give up writing.


  1. What a fantastic evening!
    Fingers crossed, in a few years it will be up there inspiring future published writers!

    1. Aw! What a sweet thing to say. Wouldn't that be lovely

  2. I am so jealous! It looks like everyone's having a really good time :)

    - Ellie @ The Selkie Reads Stories

    1. It was a lovely event. We were all very lucky to be invited.

  3. What a great evening that must have been x


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