Wednesday 20 February 2013

Tide Blog Tour with Daniela Sacerdoti

As part of the Tide blog tour, I am so happy to welcome Dani back on the blog to talk about one of her characters in Tide. Elodie was in the first book in the series, Dreams, but didn't play a major part. On what I have read of Tide so far, I think she is about to shine in the spotlight.
Character Profile of Elodie
Elodie Brun is the character who grew on me the most. She started out as a periphery character, the grief-stricken widow of Harry Midnight, who was sent to a small village in the north of Italy to look after the last of the Japanese Secret heirs, Aiko Ayanami. Taking inspiration from my own village, I had a lot of fun describing snippets of her life in Castelmonte: the Alps, the small patisserie she goes to, the slow rhythm of life between the vineyards, the church and the village square. During her time in Italy, Elodie loses her powers due to the trauma of Harry’s death and forces herself to stay hidden to fulfil her husband’s last wish: keep Aiko safe. The friendship with the lovely Gamekeeper Marina Frison helps her to keep going. Not many people know that Marina Frison is a real person, a lovely neighbour of mine who died very young. In a small village like ours, her untimely death was much felt, and she’s still very greatly missed. I remember her fondly and wanted to pay tribute to her in one of my books. So the character of Marina was born. 
As the story progresses, Elodie discovers that her powers are still with her, although dormant, and she finds the courage and determination to continue Harry’s work. She was born into one of the most ancient Secret Families in Europe, one heavily involved with the Sabha, the Secret Council. She lived a happy childhood among fellow heirs and Gamekeepers, and the plan was for her to marry a Secret heir who could provide another powerful alliance for her father. But when she met Harry Midnight, there was no choice for her but to follow him; she felt he was her destiny. Elodie’s parents rejected her and she was stripped of the Brun ring, the family heirloom, but she didn’t waver. She followed Harry to Japan, where she fought alongside Sean Hannay to preserve the Japanese Secret Families and to stem the tide of demons, an effort that was very nearly in vain. 
Elodie is beautiful in a slight, fragile way. She’s blonde and fair with hazel eyes, but her spirit is fierce. She is desperately missing Harry, and in Tide she finds herself turning her feelings toward Sean, whom she feels is her last link to her dead husband. Unexpectedly, even to me, Elodie also feels a strange connection brewing between her and the last person she’d ever thought she’d align herself with, a connection which will have far-reaching consequences for all involved. But to see what happens, you have to wait for the third and last instalment in the trilogy, Spirit. 
I think Elodie Brun will surprise you as much as she surprised me!
Tide is published tomorrow! *throws confetti and glitter in advance* So get your pennies ready now to stampede the book shops for your copy!
The lovely Janne from Black and White Publishing has kindly offered to give away two copies of the book. This will be a UK giveaway only.  All you have to do to enter is leave a comment for Dani below telling about any of her books as well as your email address so that I can contact you should you win. The competition closes on the 27th February. This is a UK only competition but keep your eyes peeled for more international competitions soon.

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  1. I can't wait to get back into Sarah Midnight's life ladies. Dreams was one of my top 20 of 2012 :)

    You don't need intrigue to for me to have Spirit on my wishlist :)

    Wishing you oodles of success Dani x


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