Friday 15 March 2013

The Witching Hour by Sara Grant


The long black tail swished from side to side with each tick tock. The yellow googly eyes looked from left then right. The big and little hands clicked into position, both pointing straight up. Trixibelle’s black cat clock meowed twelve times.
Pages – 126
Published by Orion Children’s Books in March 2013
When Trix turns ten she finds out that she’s a witch! It’s the best birthday present ever and Trix can’t wait to start casting spells. But learning witchcraft isn’t easy, and nobody non-magical must know!
Can Trix keep the secret and use her magic to help her best friend, Holly?
What a delightful debut for a magical new series for  the 7 to 9 year olds. I loved this book from the first sentence. I felt like I had whooshed down a helter skelter into the magical world of Enid Blyton. It took me a couple of hours to read it and I was left wanting more from this enchanting world.
Trix is an adorable character who doesn’t find magic easy to begin with. I was completely smitten by her and  her familiar, Jinx who wasn’t very good at staying out of mischief. Trix not only has to deal with learning with the difficulties of magic but she also has to put up with nasty Stella and her  friends from the Enchanted Grove school. Stella is a bit of a know it all and I do hope she is brought down a peg or two before the end of the series.
Trix struggles to keep her magic a secret, especially from her life long friend Holly who she shares everything with. Yet Trix goes out of her way to help Holly and builds up her confidence in the process. A delightful tale with a happy ending.
You can’t read these books without commenting on the gorgeous illustrations by Erica-Jane Waters. They are simply stunning and just add even more magic to the book.
This is going to be an amazing series, I can feel it in my bones. One for every child to cherish for years to come.  Move over Rainbow Magic, you have some new competition on your doorstep! Now if you’ll excuse me, I must dust off my fairy godmother outfit and hunt for my wand in case I get the call to join to join the Sisterhood of Magic.

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  1. I just received the first two of these for review, and my 9yr old is so excited to read them! I'm sure they'll be a hit.


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