Thursday 25 September 2014

Spies in Disguise: Boy in a Tutu by Kate Scott

I'm doomed. There's nowhere to go, nowhere to hide – I'm trapped like a rabbit in a cage.
She looms over me, her hands in plastic gloves. She's holding a bottle that has something foul-smelling in it. Any second now, that eye-watering gunk is going on my head. I lean as far back into the chair as I can go.
Published by Piccadilly Press in June 2014
Summary From Piccadilly Press
Joe and Sam put their spy skills to the test against a new villain, in a new mission and in . . . tutus?!
The only way to find out who is scheming to steal the World Cup memorabilia exhibition at the local leisure centre is to sign up for ballet lessons there. Joe and Sam land the lead roles in the end-of-term show – but Sam's playing the male lead, and Joe's the prima donna!  Can Joe hold it together (and Sam stop laughing) for long enough to find the clues and figure out who's really behind the next Great Robbery?
This is the second book in Kate Scott's Spies in Disguise series. Like the first book, Boy in Tights, it's lots of fun, with plenty of spy gadgets to intrigue and entertain. The
book is fast-paced and exciting, as well as being funny, especially when Joe (or Josie as he's now called) finds himself enrolled in a ballet class and having to wear a tutu because a leotard would be a bit too revealing. 
The characters are well-drawn, especially Joe and Sam who are embarking on the first spying mission of their very own. While the gadgets involved are ingenious, the plot seems a bit disappointingly weak here. Their spying mission doesn't really feel like something that spies would involve themselves in. Joe and Sam are tasked with preventing the theft of valuable football memorabilia from their local sports centre and there's no satisfactory explanation of why what is clearly police work is being handled by the security services. Maybe I'm being a bit nit-picky but this did spoil the book for me to some extent. 
However, a real spy mission crops up in the midst of it all and Joe and Sam, despite coming close to falling out, triumph in the end. 
The book is well worth reading if you don't mind the fact that it's more about detective work than the defence of the realm and I'm looking forward to the third in the series which, hopefully, will find Joe and Sam involved in a plot with a bit more of a secret service feel.

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  1. This sounds like a fun book and series. I'm sorry you found the plot to be a bit weak.


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