Saturday 21 March 2015

The Great Cheese Robbery by Tim Warnes

Patrick Elephant is scared of lots of things, like the dark and the fluff under the sofa. His daddy isn’t scared of anything – except mice! So when a mouse posing as a cheese inspector tries to steal the elephants’ cheese, Daddy is too terrified to stop him! Can little Patrick Elephant save the cheese – and his father?
Published by Little Tiger Press 2 March 2015 
Summary From Little Tiger
A hilarious new tale from Tim Warnes (Dangerous!, Monty and Milli - The Totally Amazing Magic Trick). The Great Cheese Robbery is the perfect book for kids dealing with phobias. Warnes’ fresh and quirky illustrations and mischievous mice will captivate young readers. A fantastically funny story that parents won’t mind reading again and again . . . and again!
This is a fun story that deals with the fact that everyone – even the biggest amongst us – is afraid of something. At first it seems that Daddy Elephant is totally fearless – Patrick, his son, tries and tries to scare him and make him jump, but it just doesn’t work. But then, while Mummy’s out, the mice arrive – led by dastardly Cornelius J. Parker and we see that Daddy is absolutely terrified of mice. He lets Cornelius and his huge troupe of’  thieving mice friends get away with everything – including the fridge until Mummy Elephant arrives home just in time!
I tested this story out on a six and three-year old and they were initially not that keen on reading it compared to other books. The cover is actually rather plain compared to the wonderful havoc inside – but once into the story the children absolutely loved the fact that a dad could be afraid of and be made to look so silly by something so much smaller than him. This is a humorous story, with fun illustrations, that allows children to laugh at fears – which can be no bad thing. This is a funny, entertaining and useful addition to any children’s bookshelf.

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