Tuesday 17 November 2015

Lily and the Christmas Wish by Keris Stainton

Almost everyone Lily knew had gathered in the town hall. Her mum was sitting on her right, humming along with 'O Little Town of Bethlehem', and Lily's seven-year-old brother Jimmy sat next to mum. 

Published by Piccadilly Press in November 2015
Pages - 160

When a town's Christmas wishes get mixed-up, can one little girl and her dog put them right? 
The little town of Pinewood can't wait for Christmas this year. They're going to celebrate by putting up a giant Christmas tree in the town square, and asking all the townspeople to hang a Christmas wish on its branches. Everyone is feeling very festive, including nine-year-old Lily - although she's not sure she believes in wishes. Then a very strange storm blows in, scattering all the wishes...and Lily wakes up the next morning to a bit of a surprise. Bug, her adorable pug puppy, can talk! It's magic - and a wish come true! But it's not Lily's wish...
Lily and her little brother James soon discover that something must have happened during the storm - the town's wishes have been granted, but to all the wrong people! Lily, James and Bug must work out which wish belongs to who, and sort everything out before Christmas Eve - otherwise no one will get what they want for Christmas.
I picked this book up just to read the first chapter, to get a feel of what it was all about. Two hours later, I realised I'd read the whole book without stopping! I absolutely LOVED IT!
Keris Stainton immerses you into the gorgeous little town of Pinewood, which is something like the Christmassy towns you see on the Christmas channel. It's seriously heartwarming and you soon discover the Christmas spirit has embraced you. I seriously want to visit shops such as Our Daily Bread and Kate's Kakes. 
Lily and James are adorable, but I do think the star of the book has to be Bug the Pug. I won't let out any secrets, but readers, you are going to love him!
All the characters are adorable yet current, which will help to make this a modern day classic. 
This book could easily be made into a film. And it has the potential for merchandise with it. I want a Bug Pug soft toy! Seriously, someone pass this book onto Debbie Isitt, the director of the Nativity films, because I'm positive she will love it.
Everyone Christmas I normally recommend a book to go into a child's  Christmas stocking, this will be the book I'm recommending this year. 
I really hope we get to revisit Pinewood and it's inhabitants again one day as I'm sure that  town has more magic hidden within it. 

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  1. I cannot wait to read this book. I'm going to read it with the kids on the lead up to Christmas. A perfect Christmas book x


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