Sunday 10 January 2016

Never Evers by Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison

'You can't stay in there for ever.'
I rolled my eyes dramatically even though she couldn't see me and climbed into the bath fully clothed. I lay down and crossed my arms like a snoozing vampire And then a bottle of Herbal Essences fell on my head.

Published by Chicken House in January 2016
Pages - 268

Kicked out of ballet academy and straight into a school ski trip, Mouse knows certain classmates can't wait to see her fall flat on her face. Meanwhile, Jack looks forward to danger and girls, but hasn't a clue about either. That's until French teen sensation Roland arrives in the resort - who Jack's a dead ringer for. When Roland persuades Jack to be his stand-in for a day, Jack, in disguise, declares his feelings for Mouse. But what happens when he's no longer a pop star - will it be music and magic on the slopes? 

Reviewed by Vivienne Dacosta

This book is utterly brilliant! Funny throughout and extremely entertaining.  I was laughing from the first paragraph and continued to giggle until the end.  I haven't read the duo's previous novel, Lobsters, but I can't wait to go back and read it.
Ellen and Ivison split the narrative, each bringing their character to life and breathing real life teenagerisms into them. I thought they both made a superb couple and it was lovely to see how the story would pan out. 
Most people remember those school trips when you were hopeful of a bit of romance and the main topic of conversation was who was going to get off with who. Ah, it really took me back. Set in the snowy, ski resort, it was brilliant to watch the characters excitement about their surroundings and the available opposite sex. 
Roland is most definitely a Bieber replica and he really added a lot of madcap humour to the story. I loved Connie and Keira, this zany duo showed us just how to be the best friend everyone always wanted. 
The storyline had a good dose of Shakespeare antics in it. Besides the Romeo and Juliet scenerio, we also had a touch of Much Ado About Nothing
The book isn't just a comedy though. Deeper down it reflects teenage angst awkwardness. These teenagers desperately want to  overcome the firsts we all have to endure. That first kiss - will they get it right? Or will the  whole school find out their kisses suck?
An excellent read for the older Middle Grade market, just about to jump feet first into the quagmires of secondary school. 

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