Sunday 24 April 2016

Announcing the #TommyVCancer BlogTour

Today I'm pleased to announce the joining of forces of a group of wonderful people, to help organise the most important blog tour I've ever tackled yet.  We are coming together, in support of Tommy Donbavand, who is battling throat cancer. Authors, book bloggers and publishers are signing up to be part of Tommy's Army. Our first mission is to  set up a month long book blog tour devoted to all the books that Tommy has written so far. 

If you haven't read Tommy's blog yet, then you really should. Here's the link.  You can't read it without being touched by his story. He is blogging daily about his treatment and how the cancer is affecting his life. Due to where the cancer is situated, Tommy has had to postpone or cancel majority of his school visits, which is where a huge amount of his income comes from. As any of us would be, he is worried about the financial side of coping during his illness. We want to find ways to help him to not worry about this and concentrate on getting through his treatment. On his website, there is the opportunity for readers to be either a Patron or to just donate to help Tommy and his family through these difficult times. By becoming a Patron and pledging from just £1 a month, Tommy will send you exclusive written content, including short stories and articles. There is also a special pledge package for schools as well as unpublished and published writers. 

Why are we setting up the blog tour? 
There isn't a person in the world who hasn't been touched by cancer in some way. We can't help everyone, I really wish we could, but we can help one of our own.  By running this blog tour, I hope we can help Tommy. I've noticed over the years, that book bloggers and authors are one of the best communities to be part of. When we need to, we show the strongest support for each other, that I've ever seen. By running this tour, we bring awareness to the wide range of books written by Tommy, ranging from Middle Grade through to Young Adult. If we can help sell Tommy's books, we can help Tommy. We also bring attention to his donation page as well as his blog.  

How will it work?
The blog tour will run from the 1st of June through to the 30th of June. In order for this to happen, we need 30 bloggers and authors  to read and review Tommy's books. Tommy has written nearly 100 books, so we have loads to choose from. Here is a selection from Tommy's website. 

What you need to do?
If you would like to be part of the blog tour either as a blogger or a vlogger and have an online site where you can review one of Tommy's books, then please email me at This offer is open to authors as well as book bloggers. I will then collate the information and work with Faye Rogers to organise everyone into a blog tour. 

We are also looking into giveaways, which will be organised by the time of the tour. 

Please check out all the other people involved in this tour by checking out the #TommyVCancer BlogTour  hashtag. 

I really hope you will come forward and join Tommy's Army. 


  1. Thanks. Thought I'd mention that on my computer, at least, there are no links. I think they might have vanished... x

    1. If you hover over the words 'link' 'Patron' and 'here' they should change colour. If you press on the words they will take you to the pages as they have direct links embedded in them.

  2. I think it would help to identify the links if 'link' and 'here' were in a different colour, as Patron is. And you may have trouble with June 31st...

    1. Thank you Janet, for pointing these things out. I have now amended them.


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