Tuesday 25 October 2016

Dirty Bertie Halloween Monster by David Roberts & Alan MacDonald

This Halloween, Bertie fans beware! – the boy with nose-pickingly disgusting habits is back with three monster tales in his 28th book in the bestselling Dirty Bertie series! 

Join Dirty Bertie illustrator David Roberts as he turns Know-It-All Nick into a MONSTER, and pick up some ideas for your very own Halloween costume. 
Things you will need: 
* Green facepaint. 
* Red facepaint. 
* Old school uniform (too small and okay to rip a little...) 
* Two tinfoil bolts. 
* A BOLT OF LIGHTNING … actually no, health and safety, forget that last one. 
The first step in making either yourself (or an unwitting victim who things he’s being turned into a lion) into a monster is to paint your face green. Then, take a red face paint crayon and draw a scar line across your forehead. This is where your brain has been swapped! Add a few more scars to your face with straight lines and four stitches. 
If you are Know-It-All Nick, your school uniform is likely to be clean and tidy. BORING. For more fun, put on an old uniform and ask a parent to snip the edges until they look ragged. This is to ensure your monster is wild and dangerous! 
Even babies will be scared by your Monster look. Especially if you try to hug them. Or say boo. Or growl a bit. Raaaar. 

Once you’ve perfected your Monster growl, it’s time to take this on the road. You can scare tea parties, people at the door, even the cat. Dirty Bertie recommends all three. 
If you want to add extra details to your Monster costume, why not make some bolts out of tinfoil by making a sausage roll and squishing the end flat? 
To finish your look, ask a friend to follow you around and every so often shout … 

…to really make sure everyone knows that you’re a brilliant formerly dead Monster with a talent for coming back to life! 

For more monstrously mischievous misadventures, join Dirty Bertie in his latest book, Dirty Bertie: Monster! with words by Alan MacDonald and pictures by David Roberts. 

By Alan MacDonald 
Illustrated by David Roberts 
October 2016, £4.99

David Roberts worked as a fashion illustrator in Hong Kong before becoming one of the UK’s foremost children’s illustrators. He has worked with writers including Philip Ardagh, Georgia Byng and former Children’s Laureate Julia Donaldson. David won a Gold Award in the NestlĂ© Children’s Book Prize for Mouse Noses On Toast in 2006, and was shortlisted for the CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal for The Dunderheads in 2010 and Tinder in 2015. 

Alan MacDonald dreamed of becoming a professional footballer, but when he won a pen in a writing competition his fate was sealed. Alan has written over eighty children’s books, which have been translated into many languages and won several awards. Alan also writes for TV.

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