Thursday 6 June 2019

What next? by Maria Turtschaninoff

This week, we see the release of the final book in the Maresi trilogy, by author, Maria Turtschaninoff. So, after writing this series for quite a few years, the big question is - what will Maria be writing next? I'm pleased that Maria is here to tell us all about her next steps.

It’s been fun but also exhausting, writing a trilogy like this. For several years now I have known what I will be writing the next year and the next. At the moment I am writing a family play for a theater in Finland, and I’ve been working on that full time for almost a year. But once that play is done I am free to write what I want – which is both a scary and an exciting prospect. Being able to write anything I want means that I will be forced to choose between the myriad of ideas that have been fermenting in my subconscious the past six years. Because yes, I have ideas – oh do I ever! But which one will be The One? The one that demands the loudest to be told? 

            Each story I have written has opened up to more stories. There are secondary characters whose past or future adventures I would love to explore. Maresi’s mother, for instance – where did she come from? What was in her past? I have a few vague inklings, but I won’t know for sure until I start writing. What happened to Maressa, Maresi’s niece? Where did Maresi’s brother travel to, what did he see? In the previous books, too, there are several characters mentioned who I would love to know more about.

            So even though the trilogy is ended, it doesn’t mean I am done with this world. Oh no! I don’t know if I will be done with it for as long as I write, even though I might leave it on occasion, writing something else for a while, then returning. I build this fantasy world of mine, story by story, book by book. 

            But what will happen next is pen and paper. I will sit down with my notebooks and write by hand, any story that comes to mind. I want to slowly explore, without the need to think “Is this a novel?”, “Is this good enough?”. The main point for me is to keep the pen moving and see what happens. That, to me, is the ultimate pleasure.
We look forward to reading whatever you write, Maria!
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