Thursday 8 January 2009

Weight watchers

I am feeling very motivated this morning bloggers. I have just enrolled into Weight Watchers. OK - it is the second time in my life,where I have joined, but who is counting. I am determined to shift the weight this time, as I am fed up with feeling overweight.

So out go the crisps, the chocolate, the vanilla milk, the sweeties left in the Quality Street tin.

In come the crispbread, the Curly Wurlys, the green tea and the sugar free jelly! I will lose this weight this year, I am determined.

I know I will have to excercise too, so the exercise bike has been dusted down, my trainers have been given a clean , the dog ready to be constantly worn out and I am raring to go. Anyone joining this fight to be thin this year, do let me know, we can support each other.

I should post a full length picture of me now, but that would be just so daunting! Me - out there in cyber space in, without any photoshop touch ups. I don't think so - you will all have to wait for the pics of the super thin me to come. Instead you will have to do with a very dodgy picture from Christmas Day, rather rosy cheeked from all the cooking and the red wine. In fact, I do believe my cheeks look like I am storing nuts for winter!
So here goes a good weight loss and a healthier body for 2009!
I have nearly finished reading 'A Point of Rescue' by Sophie Hannah, so hopefully I will be able to review that tomorrow. Three books since Jan 1st - not bad, but I think my scrapping pals will start to moan if I don't produce something soon! All reading and no scrapping makes Scrap girl not popular!
Let me know if you are joining me in the fight to be thin this year.


  1. I am joining you to be thin luckily had this man flu so have hardly eaten this week I'm sure I must have lost something and not just my mind. Good luck with weight watchers. You will always be lovely just get into scrapping whilst having Darren hold the book for you or better still get him to read to you whilst you scrap perfect. xx

  2. Hey, I'm with you. I joined WW online last week but I'm officially starting today. Well because I wasn't exactly good with my eating last week-lol. Maybe we can encourage each other to keep with it.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I love your blog here and will be visiting again.


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