Thursday 10 January 2013

The Movie Maker with C.J. Daugherty

As part of the Night School: Legacy blog tour, C.J. Daugherty is here to talk about which actors and actresses she would like to star in a film version of Night School.
When I talk to Night School fans anywhere in the world, the question I get asked the most is ‘Will there be a Night School film?’
 The answer is always ‘I hope so!’ Night School is represented by a film and TV agency as well as a literary agency and, as they say in Hollywood, people are talking to people. But these things take time. 
 Still, why wait? Let’s cast this thing! Or at least, let’s pretend-cast it. 
If we were going to shoot it tomorrow with, say, you holding the camera, who would be in it?  There’s no need to be DISCRETE – let’s just choose now.
 For example, wouldn’t it be fun to have Ian Somerholder as Jerry Cole? Well wouldn’t it??
 A lot of readers have suggested Ed Westwick for Carter and I have to say he looks the part. I also really like Charlie Rowe – he’s very talented and would make a fantastically brooding Carter. I like them both so much I can’t decide. You choose.
 It’s so hard to cast Allie, even in Pretendland. I see her in my head a certain way. Some readers have recommended Ella Purnell and Maisie Williams. Both are extremely talented up-and-coming British actresses and I think either would be perfect. We may have to flip a coin.
 I adore the actress Michelle Dockery from Downton Abbey and think she’d be a fabulous Isabelle. Does anyone know her agent? 
 How about Ashley Benson as Jo? Her eyes are amazingly blue. She’s American, though… can she do accents?
 Some readers have suggested Logan Lerman (he was in The Perks of Being a Wallflower) for Lucas. I also quite like the British actor Josh Bolt. Actually, either would be perfect so… let’s cast both of them!
 Have you seen the actress Juno Temple? She’s in the Dark Knight Rises. I think she’d make a fantastic Eloise – the young librarian with a quirky soul. 
 I’m a huge fan of the young actress Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa in Game of Thrones. I’d love her as Katie. Let’s make this happen!
 I cannot wait to see this movie. 
Who’s in your imaginary Night School cast?
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  1. I think the singer Louis Tomlinson would make a good Sylvain! Sexy and sassy. :)

  2. Eugene Simon i think would be freaking perfect for Sylvain! Hes an british actor so he's got the accent and hes hot.

  3. eddie redmayne as christopher

  4. OMG those suggestions are fab, but I'm personally not the greatest fan of Isabelle Dockery, maybe Emily Blunt or Kiera Knightley instead? I reckon Charlie Rowe def over Ed Westwick, he just looks the part loads more or Alex Pettyfer (or he could be a good Sylvain! How about Amy Jackson for Rachel, she does Hindi films now? As much as I like Maisie Williams, the Ella girl has the edge....and it!! That was fun.... xxx

  5. I'm thinking...
    Pierre Boulanger as Sylvain- french&gorgg; he doesn't need a British accent coz he's French?
    Taylor Lautner or Alex Pettyfer as Carter- mmmm nice
    Taylor Swift as Jo?- I mean, she's blonde&pretty?
    Logan Lerman as Lucas- defo.
    Juno Temple as Eloise and Sophie Turner as Allie- yeh that's alright
    &Keira Knightly for Isabelle- that would work

    1. I think Alex Pettyfer would suit more for Carter.
      Dont you think:)

  6. i love your suggestions.! i show you my favourite ones.:
    Ashley Temple as Jo
    Ed Westwick as Carter
    Ella Purnell as Allie
    Logan Lerman as Lucas
    Alex Pettyfer as Sylvain
    what do you think about that.?? for me, this cast would be perfect. ooohhh... i already see the film in my head.!! can't wait for it.!!

  7. Charlie Rowe were the best Carter. (:

  8. i think Ian Somerholder is perfect as silvain

    1. true but then he doesn't have a french accent and in the whole book sylvain is praised for hi silky smooth accent :P so i think pierre boulanger would be better but if ian somerhalder can fake the accent then awesome

  9. Ashley Temple as Jo
    Ed Westwick as Christopher
    Logan Lerman as Lucas-he's so sexy
    Juno Temple as Eloise
    Keira Knightly for Isabelle-no one better
    Charlie Rowe as Carter
    Liam hemsworth or Eugene Simon were perfect for Silvain
    the only I don't have is for allie

  10. Carter should be someone, a handsome actor, based on the features of the book.

  11. I think Alex Pettyfer could be a good Sylvain !

    And I like the idea of Ed Westwik as Carter West


    2. not ed westwik for carter hes just not brooding enough and stuff alex pettyfer is more like it.....
      And sylvain SHOULD be Pierre Boulanger he's french i know he doesn't have blue eyes but therefore lenses :P

  12. Not Ed Westwick for Carter. Good actor, just doesn't seem brooding ENOUGH. Love the choice for Isabelle. She fits my idea of a gentle, caring, strong Isabelle perfectly. Ashley Benson for Jo = Yes. Logan Lerman, yes. Ian Somerhalder definitely does not look like someone's 'dad', but he's fabulous either way. Need someone who can capture Sylvain's charm properly tho.

  13. Hi! I think that actors have to have more or less put ages in the book, there are some actors who appear to have made ​​more or less old. But there must be a jules, a katie, a gabe, a Rachel, a lisa, a ruth ...
    I can think for jules is Lily Collins or blake lively, douglas booth can be Gabe, zac effron is not an a British actor but he can be Silvayn,Hailee Steinfield can be Lisa or jodelle ferland,emma roberts can be Katie and bonnie wright can be Allie. Sorry I'm not British, I'm Spanish and I search most actors and I only found this.

    1. but sylvain doesn't need to be british he's french therefore Pierre Boulanger

  14. I just saw a picture of Georgie Henley from the chronicles of Narnia, I think she would be an AMAZING Allie. what do you think?

  15. I think:

    Allie: Kristen Steward
    Carter: Taylor Lautner
    Sylvain: Pierre Boulanger
    Jo: Ashley Temple
    Rachel: Shay Mitchelle
    Eloise: Juno temple
    Katie: Holland Roden
    Jerry Cole: Ian Slmerholder
    Isabella: Michelle Dockery
    Lucas: Logan Lerman
    Jules: Blake Lively
    Lisa: Jodelle Ferland
    Gabe: Douglas Booth

    But for Zylanzy, Ruth and Christopher I have not Idea Sorry for my englisch but I speak german and I can englisch a Little bit.

    1. true but no taylor lautner and kristen steward they are disgusting

  16. I think Kelly Rutherford from Gossip Girl would be a perfect Isabelle. I can't wait till Autumn, I want Fracture now! :D

  17. in my suggestions:

    allie: ella purnell
    carter: alex pettyfer/ charlie rowe
    sylvain: pierre boulagner
    jo: ashley benson (if she can fake the accent)
    rachel: Shay Mitchell
    eloise: juno temple
    katie: sophie turner
    jerry cole: ian somerhalder
    isabelle: Michelle Dockery
    lucas: logan lerman
    jules: blake lively

  18. also candice accola could be jo but again with the accent problem and adam brody could be carter but i support alex pettyfer equally for carter's role and last thing is that Pierre Boulanger should definitely be sylvain he's french, he's hot and perfect for the role

  19. Allie: lily collins
    Carter: adam brody
    Sylvain: chase crawfors
    Jo: candice acolla/Ashley Benson
    Rachel:Phoebe Tonkin / Shay Mitchelle
    Eloise: Juno Temple
    Katie: Holland Roden
    Jerry Cole: Ian Slmerholder
    Isabella: Scarlett johansson
    Lucas: Douglas booth /Jeremy irvine
    Jules:Blake Lively
    Lisa:alexis bledel
    Gabe: Douglas Booth / Jeremy irvine

  20. I think Brenton Thwaites from blue lagoon: the awakening would make a perfect carter, in that movie he's arrogant and kind of a loner like carter and charming and romantic at the same time also like carter

  21. Alexandra Daddario should play Allie

  22. Kristen steward and Taylor lautner.?? No way.!! We don't need a secondhand twilight cast....

    1. I totally agree!!!!
      I think there should not twilight at this film!ENOUGH!

  23. I think Nicholas Hoult would make an AMAZING Sylvain! Look at his eyes! He could always put on an accent!

  24. Hello, Some actors are exactly like i imagine, and others no, why not look for new heads? People with good acting talent and unknown? They will then be known and -maybe- are more like the characters in the book. I'm sure it's a good idea!

  25. Sorry to brust your bubbels but I would be the best Allie (: and why on earth is everyone suggesting Taylor Lautner as Carter? Ew. Not on my watch.

  26. Those suggestions are great !
    But i think shaileen woodley will be a perfect Allie (with red hair) !
    Kristen Stewart in this movie ? No way !

  27. i'm thinking that Chris Zylka from the ''secret circle'' would be the ideal Sylvain.What do you think?

  28. I think you should to take unknownactors, cause I think we would more feel them, like they really could be the characters from the book.

  29. i would like lilly collins for allie because she is pretty and amazing actress

  30. I think these would make the perfect cast:
    -Matt Bomer as Jerry Cole
    -Candice Accola as Isabel
    -Phoebe Thonkin as Rachel
    -Zac Efron or Alex Pettyfer or Ian Somerhalder as Sylvain
    -Lily Collins or Alexis Bledel as Allie
    -Harry Styles as Carter
    -Holland Roden as Katie
    -Blake Lively as Jules


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