Tuesday 31 March 2009

25th of the month

On Wednesday, the 25th of the month fell again, where I take lots of pictures for my scrapbook to record just one day of each month. This is the last one for my book, so I am undecided whether to take up the challenge again for the following year. I have enjoyed doing it,but I am two months behind on scrapping them, so I think I actually need to pull my finger out. I promise I will show them when they are complete.
I have cheated this time a bit, as I really didn't do a lot on Wednesday, as I was poorly. So instead I took my pictures on Thursday instead.

Here are the two books I was reading on that day, I have since finished The Tygrine Cat, which I will review tomorrow.
Here is my lovely cat, diving into my bag of goodies left on my desk. He has a habit of sitting in bags, so we can often carry him around in one.

Doodahs on his early morning walk, he loves to be outside. He is like a puppy when out, then puts on his old man walk on the way home.

Here he is relaxing on my bed, after his walk. A dog needs to get his beauty sleep! Please don't look at the huge pile of books ready to fall over behind him.

One of my favourite shops, it sells everything a crafter could ask for. From scrap booking to cross stitch, from knitting to art materials. It really is like an Aladdins cave.

My favourite charity shop for books. This is a boutique charity shop and all the money raised goes to the local hospitals to support diabetes. The books are always in fabulous condition and very cheap.
My very small supply of crafting buys. I had spent so much on the weekend, I thought I would be good.
Headed into Worthing to get hubby some birthday presents.

Our little pier, not very exciting but makes a nice walk when it is warm.
Worthing shopping centre.

On Doodahs second walk of the day, ( I often feel like all I do is walk the dog) I saw the beautiful bush blooming with spring flowers. Can anyone tell me what they are as I haven't a clue?

My daffodils and pansies still blooming beautifully.
On the way out to get the girlies. As you can see the weather has been a little bit cold.

Some little pressies for my hubby to open for his birthday.

All wrapped up and ready to be opened.

Dinner - how lazy am I and on a school night. Domino's pizza is the best, especially as we can have it half and half. I always go spicy, where as hubby like BBQ.
That is it, that is my day to be scrapped. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Have you shown any of the scrapbooked days as yet? I don't remember. I'm just trying to picture how it would all look in a scrapbook.

    I feel in the mood for pizza now.

  2. No Michelle - not yet. I will finish the album and then show them a few at a time.

  3. I love these looks at your "day" through photos! I may just have to try that project myself sometime. Of course, I don't really trust that I would do such a great job at following through with actually getting the photos scrapped. ;)

  4. If I didn't know better I'd think that was a pic of my cat lol. My grandmother had that yellow bush in her yard (along with about fifty or more different other kinds of flowering bushes!) but I don't know what it is called, sorry. :(

    Sounds like you had a very interesting day!

  5. Great post as usual--I just love browsing over your days. lol. It looks so lovely where you live. My city is pretty boring, at least I think so. It's too modern now and doesn't seem to have any character. Doodahs is so adorable and so is kitty. I adore black cats. Hope you have a great day!

  6. Half and half dominoes is the BEST. We have half seafood, and half mushroom and ham here.

    Your tubs look pretty!

  7. Mmmm pizza. Your cat and dog are lovely! I always enjoy your picture posts.

  8. looks like you had a nice time shopping. happy birthday to your hubby!
    that Duffy CD is fabulous, I love it.
    Now i'm craving pizza lol.

  9. i think those flowers are called forsythia...we had them on the border of our property line when i was growing up. pretty!

    looks like you had a nice shopping trip...i haven't been shopping in a while, trying to cut back on my spending a bit. your kitty and dog are so cute! i wish i could have a dog...but i'm not home enough.


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