Thursday 12 March 2009

Learning something new.

The busy scrapper in me has been scrapping again. I am feeling very enthusiastic about it at the moment and seem to have a list of layouts I want to do.

This layout is for the Internet site Creative Therapy, which give you and idea each week to scrap. The idea this week was to scrap something you would like to learn. I really only had one option for that one this week - crocheting!
So I created a layout based on how I would like to learn to crochet and here it is.
I got the idea of the design from Anne over at Pretty. I liked the way she had laid out this design. Do go and have a look. I used a lot of DCVW card within the design and added some ribbon and buttons.
I have included information about how I had wanted to crochet for a while and how I became more inspired when Naida at bookworm sent me the bookmark. Naida - you know feature in my scrap pages too. ( I feel terrible that I forgot to add you to my list of blogs that I love yesterday as I always like to visit your site).

This shows the magazine I conveniently discovered the same day as I received the bookmark.

I hope you like my design, if you come back tomorrow I will be reviewing Knife by M.J Anderson. I am slowly making my bookmarks too, so hopefully I will be able to show those soon too. Have a great day.


  1. I love the buttons. There's something about buttons that just speak to me, I don't know what it is.

  2. Oh my, but you are getting my scrapbooking juices flowing here...I so want to go play with some paper now!!!

  3. It's so pretty! I don't scrapbook much these days but I love seeing what other people are doing. :)

  4. I love those layouts! And I want to learn to crochet too. And to knit. I wish there were more hours in the day.

  5. I just love your scrapbook layouts. They always look so great. You're very talented and creative with them.

  6. I have always wanted to learn to crochet, too - I have mangaged to learn to chain stitch. ;)Great journaling and love the buttons!

    So glad to have you playing along with us this week at Creative Therapy!!

  7. Very pretty! You're a very talented person!

  8. wonderful scrapbooking as always! and i'm flattered you mentioned me!
    glad you are going to be crocheting, it is like yoga. very relaxing and a great creative outlet.


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