Thursday 16 April 2009

Butterfly Gardens

Over the weekend, we took the girls to the butterfly gardens where they have hundreds of different butterflies. Now I have always been a sucker for butterflies, I find them calming, delicate and so beautiful to look at, so I was fascinated to see all the different breeds. The one below has fantastic camouflage, as it looks like either a rabbit. The only downside of the gardens was that there was little information around of the different types, so unfortunately I have yet to identify them.
These butterflies were not for the faint hearted as they were constantly flying around and landing on everyone. The girls didn't like it, but I found it fascinating and would stand still for ages watching them.
This one had a faint pink tinge and was constantly attracted to my pink camera. Every time I tried to take a picture, it would land on my screen so I couldn't see out of my camera.

This one was attracted to my coat and had to be physically removed in the end.

I am quite pleased with how the pictures turned out and I look forward to scrapping them.

Whilst I attracted all the butterflies, my husband attracted this parakeet in the bird section. It landed on him and stayed there for about twenty minutes.

This lovely bird, really enjoyed being stroked and kept nuzzling up to hubby. It also liked to talk a lot. It was amazing listening to a very surreal conversation occurring.
They also had rescue animals at the gardens and I fell in love with this beautiful rabbit. He reminded me of Doodles in the Tweenies.

This was just a quick tour of the gardens as it would be endless with the amount of photos I took. I hope you enjoyed it.


  1. It may come as no surprise, but I love butterflies :) My favourite place on earth (until they shut it down recently) was a butterfly house where I used to live. Beautiful. I haven't yet found one closer to where I live, though I'd like to.

  2. OMG that is one of my nightmares Ellie and Lewis would have loved it but I would just have screamed. It looks like you had a fab day though. xx

  3. What an amazing trip to the butterfly house. I would love to go there. Your pictures are super and so clear. I like how you were able to get such close up shots. Really awesome Scrap Girl.
    Next time...ask me I'll go with you. te he
    Have you read The Butterfly House by Eve Bunting?
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. What gorgeous pictures! I especially love the bunny at the end.

  5. That is so cool!! My husband and I are going to Callaway Gardens for our anniversary next month, and I'm hoping we get to go into their butterfly gardens while we're there.

  6. Yeah I'm not sure I would have enjoyed that actually, they are beautiful though!

  7. My husband and I went to the Butterfly Conservatory in Niagara Falls last summer, and it was wonderful! Yep, and I bet I took 200 pictures there. (And of course, still haven't scrapped a single one.)

  8. They are beautiful!! And the pictures did turn out great :)

  9. We did that once and I really ought to dig the pictures out. One landed in my mom's hair. Ooh! An Indian Ringneck! My mom had one named Oscar when I was a kid but he was pretty evil and no where near as sweet as this one sounds!

  10. Oh wow, that is absolutely amazing! I would love to go there - you will have to let me know where it is and hopefully I will be able to visit - looks amazing.

  11. Hi!
    Those are really beautiful butterflies! The parrot and bunny are adorable! Thanks for stopping by my place. Have a great day!


  12. what lovely pictures--the bird is so pretty too! looks like you guys had a nice outing. my hubs and i went to a butterfly conservatory in vermont a few years was so peaceful and the 'flutterbys' were gorgeous!

  13. beautiful photos! I like butterfly gardens, but I don't like when they land on me lol. And the bird is gorgeous!

  14. The butterflies, the parakeet, the rabbit! They're all so beautiful! The best part is, they (butterflies and bird) landed on both you and your husband. How sweet... Happy scrapbooking them, Viv!


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