Thursday 28 May 2009

The Shamer's Signet by Lene Kaaberbol

Pages - 282

Published by Hodder Childrens Books

Challenges - Once Upon a Time and 100+

This is the second book in the Shamer's Chronicles and yet again a sequel that is no where near as good as the first. I am beginning to wonder whether I should avoid sequels, after reading this and The Gorgon's Gaze this week and not really enjoying either. I had been really looking forward to reading this book and found it to be really disappointing.

This book finds Dina the Shamer's daughter practising to be a Shamer's apprentice. Just to remind you what a Shamer is, it is someone who can read other people's minds and make them feel guilty and shameful for the sins they have committed. Only a few people can actually look Dina and her mother in the eyes, without feeling bad and now Dina's own brother can no longer look at her.

The family are still on the run from Draken and the surrounding clans are being forced to fight each other, as Draken schemes and sets them off against each other. Draken has put out a reward for the Shamer and her daughter and is killing any Shamer that crosses his path. Dina is in danger and unwittingly falls into a trap whilst helping her brother recover from a vicious dual.

Dina is captured by Valdracu, a relation of Draken and put to work as a Shamer, using her powers for evil. Her brother feeling guilty for Dina's capture, sets out to rescue her. Dina is struggling to cope with how her powers are being used and finds that they desert her when she needs them the most.

This story did not draw me in as well as the first book did. The pages didn't thrill me into wanting to read it quickly, it just felt like a poor followup to the first book. I liked reading about Dina as she is a very strong character in the book, but the story alternates between her and her brother Davin, who I felt to be a poor character who came across as rather shallow.

I would definitely recommend the first book, The Shamer's Daughter and I am positive that it could be read as a stand alone, but I would definitely leave it there as the second book does not reach the same standards.

This is the second book that has failed for me this week and I have found it hard to get into any other book due to such disappointment in the previous two.

Do you ever find that it is difficult to get into another book after reading one that you have found to be a disappointing read?


  1. These books are everywhere in the library, could always just read that first one

  2. Aw, sorry to heat you were disappointed again :(

  3. sorry you didnt enjoy this one too much. hopefully your next read will be great, dont be disheartened.

  4. Oh I find it difficult all the time after reading a disappointing book! That's usually when I bounce around and can't settle on a book which makes me feel incredibly uneasy.

  5. Oh don't avoid sequels! Sometimes they can be even better than the first book! Sorry this was disappointing though :(


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