Saturday 30 January 2010

Good Stuff Post

A lot of lovely bloggers have embarked on extra blogs this year telling us about the good things that are happening in their lives on a daily basis. I have loved reading these posts and they always leave me with a lovely warm feeling. I would love to have the time to write one too, but knowing how busy I have been, I just know it will get neglected, so I thought I would do the odd good stuff post on my blog.

Good stuff this week.

One of my girlies has been really poorly this week and it was lovely to see her feeling better by Thursday. She had a permanent stomach ache and Monday had found her rolling around on the floor in pain. I was at a loss what to give her, then I remembered my mum giving me a hot water bottle to ease the pain and sure enough it did the trick for her.

A couple of days with blue skies and sunshine. There is nothing better to pick you up, than seeing the sky blue. I am always in a better mood when the sun is shining. For the last four weeks, the sky has been permanently grey, like someone was trying to smother us all with a great big blanket of grey. When the sun comes out, my soul feels lighter and I feel so much happier.

Losing three pound at Weightwatchers. Always good for me. I did reach my goal in August, but December saw my mouth and stomach kick into first gear and gobble everything in sight. But, hey that is what Christmas is for; the fact that I gained half a stone is nothing. Better half a stone, than the full 2 and a half I lost over last year.

My slowcooker. There is something about winter and slow cooking, they just go together so well. I have made some delicious recipes this week which have resulted in spotlessly clean plates at the end of the meal. My favourite style of cooking!

Spending time with my girlies. We have a girlie day out planned this weekend, with some of our close friends. We are off to visit Brighton Museum and then going to Build a Bear factory in the afternoon to buy more clothes for our already spoilt bears. A spot of lunch out and and some quality bonding time.

These are my good bits this week. What about you? What were you good bits?


  1. I love Build-a-Bear!! :) I hope your girls love it. And personally I prefer grey skies, but that's because any time the sun shines here it gets horribly hot.

    How many pounds are to a stone?

  2. This was fun to read Viv. So glad your daughter is better, and congrats on WW losing weight. (I'm going to WW now too and lost 5lb in 3 weeks). It works if you follow the program!

  3. So glad your girlie is feeling better so she can enjoy the fun weekend plans! Do you plan to make a scrapbook page of the Build-a-Bear outing? I did one many years ago and had so much fun.

    I hope you share a few of those "clean plate" slow cooker recipes. I am just beginning a wonderful relationship with my slow cooker, and am always on the lookout for more ways to spend time with it.

    We had a day and a half of sun this week, and we are now back to grey skies and dustings of snow. I am very much ready for Spring!

  4. It's nice to read happy things once in a while, isn't it. I love the hot water bottle. I use it as a cure for a lot of things. lol. I'm glad your daughter is feeling better and I hope you have a great girlie day. It sounds like a lot of fun!

  5. I'm going to have to do one of these posts. I'm glad to hear your daughter is feeling better. Having a girlie day sounds like a lot of fun. Have a great weekend.

  6. YAY...I'm so glad you wrote this post, Vivienne! Left me smiling, for sure. And I'm so glad to hear your daughter's feeling's just such an awful feeling when one of your munchkin's is sick, isn't it? Hope you all fun today!!!

  7. These are a few of my favorite things:

    Good stuff posts!

    Beautiful, leisurely Saturdays

    Quality time with kids

    Delicious dinner aromas

    Reading in bed with my daughter

  8. Amanda - I love Build A Bear too. It was so busy though. There are fourteen pounds in a stone.

    Diane - Well done on your 5lb weight loss. You are definitely right, it does work if you keep to it. Saying that I am about to tuck into Szechuan Chicken and Singapore noodles, so this week may be a little tough.

    Molly - I took loads of pictures at the Build A Bear shop, so I will definitely be making a scrap page.

    I think I will put some of these slow cooker recipes up, as everyone keeps asking for them.

    Dar - thanks Dar. We had a fabulous day out, but we are all really tired now and seemed to have brought home two new bears too which were on the shopping list.

    Vasilly - you must do one of these. It really makes you feel happy.

    Debi - Thanks Debi. I really enjoyed writing this post, it does make you feel good.

  9. We've had a lot of gray skies around here too. We had a few hours of sun several days ago and it was a huge treat.

    I'm glad your daughter is feeling better and that you had a bit of sun!

  10. sounds like you had a nice week :)
    glad your little one is better.
    build a bear is fun!

  11. I love to read "good stuff" kind of posts too. Just reminds one to be happy for the good things in life no matter how big or small.

    Hope you girlies have a wonderful day out!

  12. Do awards qualify as "good stuff"? Because I have one for you here:

  13. Well this is a wonderful post :D I'm so glad to read your good stuff Vivienne!! I hope that things continue to be on the mend for your little girl and that y'all enjoy your day out!!

  14. Way to go with your weight loss! I hope you had a wonderful day with your girls. :D

  15. yay for blue skies and delicious food and wonderful days out :D There's something about winter sunny days that makes me so happy...I find them more beautiful than summer days even. Maybe it's because we're starved for sunlight :P

  16. Suko - thank you for sharing your good stuff too.

    Alyce -thank you.

    Naida - I love Build a Bear.

    Iliana - thank you, we had a lovely day.

    Suko - thank you for my award.

    Chris - thank you so much. We had a fabulous time.

    Alice - thank you.

    Nymeth - I think you are right about the blue skies in winter. It is the lack of them that makes us desperate.

  17. You must be smiling after your weight loss.
    I love this line..When the sun comes out, my soul feels lighter and I feel so much happier.

    I so agree with you. I was thinking of getting a sunrise alarm, but when I checked the prices I said maybe another time. They look really interesting though. Somehow they are supposed to help your natural sleep patterns.
    Have a great week, Vivienne. :)

  18. congrats on the weight loss!! i admit that i had to wiki how much a stone is in american pounds--and WOW, you must have worked really hard last year. good for you. :)

    i'm a fan of slow cookers myself and usually make a pot of chili once or twice a month in the winter.

    as for build-a-bear, i've never been to one but my nephew's 3rd birthday will be held there next week. can't wait!


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