Thursday 6 May 2010

Monthly Roundup of Books Read.

I have really struggled with my reading this month. I have had one of those months, where I find I am struggling just to get through twenty pages in a night. I think I was definitely in a bit of a reading slump. However, after I actually calculated how many books I had read, I realised my month had not been as bad as I thought.

Here are the books I read in April.

1) Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory: The Life of Rosa Parks by Douglas Brinkley Non fiction

2) Surviving the Volcano by Stanley Williams Non Fiction

3) Evernight by Claudia Gray

4) A Passion For New Eve by Angela Carter

5) Nation by Terry Pratchett

6) James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl (to be reviewed)

7) Playing With Grown Ups by Sophie Dahl (to be reviewed)

8)Fable: Legends in Exile by Bill Willingham (to be reviewed)

9) Ash by Melinda Lo. (to be reviewed)

I am actually really pleased with nine books as I was convinced I had read only about five.

I only managed to read one book for my American challenge, where I am still based in Alabama. I still have a few books to read for this state before I move on, so I may have to get my finger out.

I managed to read two non fiction books this month, which is really good for me. I hope to read a few more now that I am joining in with Trish's Non Fiction Five Challenge, as I find this challenge gives me more of a purpose to read non fiction.

I got to participate in Claire's Angela Carter month, which I am really pleased about. I joined another mini challenge which is being run by Nymeth to read a 1930's book, so I hope to complete that this month. I have managed to finish a challenge this month, but I will write about it as a separate post.

So this month, I plan to complete the 1930's challenge by reading Nightingale Wood by Stella Gibbons, complete the Once Upon a Time challenge by finishing The Onion Girl by Charles De Lint and picking out two more books to complete it, and I am looking at the possibility of completing the Australian Challenge to, by reading March by Geraldine Brooks and Summertime by J.M. Coetzee. I would also like to wrap up Alabama in my personal American challenge, but I am not sure that will happen. I am definitely participating in Persephone week, which started on Monday, so this may affect the rest of my reading plans. I feel like I have a very varied reading month ahead, what about you?

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  1. I hate to bring bad news, but I'm afraid Persephone Week started this past Monday and ends tomorrow, Vivienne :\ The Victorian Chaise-Longue is quite short, though, so maybe you can finish that and still participate?

    Looking forward to your thoughts on Nightingale Wood!

  2. Quite an assortment you have read. I look forward to your Dahl reviews.

  3. Nymeth - it's fine. I read The Victorian Chaise-Longue and have my review ready to go up tomorrow. Next time I will try and read my Persephone books beforehand so that I can review them on the Persephone week. Have to say, absolutely loved The Onion Girl to bits!

    Petty Witter - I really enjoyed reading both Dahls. Very entertaining.

  4. Thank you for participating in my Angela Carter month, Vivienne, and I look forward to your thoughts on The Victorian Chaise-Longue.

  5. I hate reading slumps, but I think you did really well in April.

  6. I think you did a great job! But it does suck to be in a reading slump. I swear to god, there is some unexplainable brain-link between us because I was so going to reread Roald Dahl this month.

    In a slump and still signing up for challenges? You're courageous :)

  7. Reading slump? I think not! Vivienne, you had an amazing reading month, far better than any month of mine. Wow!

    Please stop by my blog when you can--I have a new book giveaway which is open worldwide! :)

  8. Congrats on all of the reading that you got done last month! I moved Nation to my coffee table but still haven't read it.

  9. Aren't reading slumps the worst? You seemed to have done really well though! I am not in a slump necessarily but maybe I just have too many books going on at once and can't see myself making any headway into them!

    Looking forward to your Persephone post. I was hoping to finish Mariana this week but it's not going to happen. Oh well, it's still so fun to join in right.

  10. You've read a lot of books, Vivienne! Happy reading and I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the books you've mentioned!

  11. You did well for a slump Viv. Sadly, I have not read NAY of the books on your list.

  12. Great job with the 9 books, Viv! I think I did only 4 or 5. I haven't started on Alabama for the American Challenge. Need to work on that soon. I know the Sookie Stackhouse challenge is coming to an end soon in June. I need to speed up on that...


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