Monday 13 December 2010

Christmas Eve at Friday Harbour by Lisa Kleypas

Pages - 211

Published by Piatkus in 2010

Dear Santa
I want just one thing this year. A mom. Please don't forget I live in Friday Harbour now thank you,
Love Holly

Mark Nolan is given custody of his orphaned niece Holly.  He knows he cannot bring her up alone, so turns to his younger brother for help and they move into his house on his own vineyard.  Molly has become a selective mute, since losing her mother and Mark tries everything he can to help her talk again.  One afternoon, whilst wandering around the local toy shop, Holly becomes entranced by the free spirited owner of the shop, Maggie Flynn. Maggie manages to coax Holly to talk again.  Mark and Holly become entranced by Maggie but Maggie is afraid to commit. Then Mark finds Holly's letter to Father Christmas and realises that he may be able to make her Christmas come true.

Ok, mmm, what shall I say about this one. I was expecting a very Christmassy romantic, comforting book. What I got was a romantic book, which is fine, but it wasn't very Christmassy.  Christmas is dealt with in the last chapter and that is it.  I was looking for a book that dived into Christmas from page one, so I do feel  a little like I had been mislead.  When looking at the cover, you would believe that this was a Christmas novel, but it really isn't.

It is a nice cosy romantic chick lit book which I enjoyed and actually fitted in with a rather hectic and stressful week. The story is very predictable, no surprises at all, but I don't think I was really expecting any. It's not the best book I have read and by far not the worst.  A bit too short for my liking and a little bit rushed. 

If you like romance and escapism, then this is nice short book to lose a couple of hours in.

PS - Apologies for my unexpected absence this week. It seems that Christmas crept up behind me, stressed me out and then left like a whirlwind. Normal service should be resumed as of today.


  1. I've got this one and like you I was expecting a Christmas tale but romance & escapism will probaby do LOL

  2. If you want to read a really Christmasy and sweet romance story - try Call Me Mrs. Miracle by Debbie Macomber. I won it in a contest and read it as soon as it arrived. Such a good holiday story!
    Hope you have a less stressful week, Vivienne. I love your new header pic- I could almost reach out and grab that cupcake. Yummy looking.

  3. Hmm, I am sorry that it wasn't what you expected. I hope your next read will be better!

  4. I swear that cover makes me laugh every time... :D

    Sorry it wasn't more Christmasy for you. I have a feeling my current read is going to be very similar in that regard.

  5. I've read a couple of books that I expected to be Christmasy but weren't. It always leaves me a little disappointed.

  6. Vivienne, sorry this book wasn't as Christmas-y as you would have liked. But it sounds as if you enjoyed it in a different way. Glad you're back!

  7. Awww this books tugs on my heartstrings. Romance is always nice, and even if there is only a hint of xmas then I am ok with that

  8. Shame it isn't as Christmasy as expected but at least it was an okay read. Haven't read anything Christmasy yet - must get on that. :P

  9. This one sounds like a nice and easy read. I love this cover - the one I've seen is different. I like this one much better.

  10. The cover *is* misleading. I would have expected It's a Wonderful Life Christmasy stuff going on!

  11. This one is on my list. It sounds wonderful.

  12. Too bad it wasnt more Christmasy. That Dear Santa note is soooo sweet tho.


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