Friday 14 January 2011

Ophiuchus? Isn't he the guy from The Matrix films?

OK, I went to bed last night and I knew who I was. An Aries.  A good old fashioned, head strong ram who jumped in feet first into everything. Mouth never in gear with the mind, always forever apologetic afterwards. That is me. I wake up this morning and I am someone else. A Pisces!  Didn't see it coming, though from what I can gather, neither did half the world. Apparently now I am an understanding (pah!), dreamy, impractical person. Well I have always been impractical and dreamy so I will take those two, but understanding, I don't think my family would be in agreement.

So if you have just got up and haven't realised the world as we know has changed. You may be one of the lucky ones and still be the same, or you may have fallen down the sides and crawled back up with a new star sign pinned like a name badge to your chest.

A thirteenth (unlucky for some) zodiac sign has been added to the original 12 and all the others have had to shift and squeeze out of the way to make room for the mighty Ophiuchus.  Why Ophiuchus? Why not something a bit more simple. I keep saying it over and over in my head and I have no idea whether I am pronouncing it right. My children have only just learnt their last star sign, now I have to present them with this. They will think I have either gone stark raving mad, or that April Fools has come early. Personally, I think who ever named it, should stay away from The Matrix films. Anyway, after doing a little research, I discovered that the new star sign has been named after a star constellation which is linked to a real man from Ancient Greece called Imhotep. Now I know he was definitely in a film! The Mummy Trilogy, I think.
So where has the new star sign been seated in the Great Zodiac circle. Well it seems after a bit of a shuffle, he replaced  a bit of Sagittarius in December.  So if your birthday resides between November 29 and December 17th you are now a Ophichusian ( I think!). Oh how your friends will laugh.

As all the other signs have moved around the zodiac, being pushed and pulled and squeezed dry. My thoughts must go out to the Scorpions, who have seriously been demoted in the Zodiac. The Scorpion sign used to cover the days between October 24th and November 21st. According to my sources, Scorpio is now from November 23rd to November 29th. Scorpions have only a week full of dates in their sign. Will they become an elite group where only the exceptional people reside or will they be scorned and turned upon for being the minority group in the star sign. Whilst they debate their future, the fat cat Virgos (September 16th to October 30th) stalk the planet for world domination as their star sign spreads out and takes over.

The dates are hilarious and need to be laughed at.  You have to see the funny side, (unless you are one of those people who lives by your star sign and have just found out that your whole world has gone down the toilet with your star sign, then I seriously apologise for making fun of your situation).

As I read it, I did wander if perhaps our new British government had been involved in these changes. I mean, they are cutting back on everything else, why not cut back on our star signs too. Squeeze them a little, to make room for one more. What next? Will they change the length of the year? Will I discover that a month or two has been taken from the calendar and I am really 50 years old now. 

So why has it changed? Well apparently the Earth moved.  Didn't notice it myself, but it did. It shifted on it's Axis and changed it's relationship with the Sun, which has caused the star signs to change around. So after 3,000 years and a little shifting around, it was believed that a new star sign should be added.

So I now raise my glass to the new star sign Ophiuchus, who apparently wasn't Neo's leader in the Matrix or the guy from the Mummy films.

Just as one final note, I have absolutely no idea if the changes are true or not, but they have entertained me no end today and made a hilarious conversation starter!



  1. lol, i'm still a Cancer - phew, identity crisis averted! :-)

  2. Vivienne, I join you. I am now Pisces. Frankly, I liked being an Aries.

    And think like this: we won't have too many Scorpios to bite us. But then, Pisces and Scorpio, both being water signs, might gel well!

    And I forgot, what is Ophiuchus? Fire, Air, water or Earth?


  3. I jumped from being a Pisces to an Aquarius. In fact, the only person in my family who stayed the same was Laurence, who just barely held on to the Pisces name. :D

    Jason says it doesn't matter what sign you're under now, but the sign you were born under. So these new signs only matter for people born as of whenever they changed it. I like that better. :D

  4. I went from Aries to Pisces which is kinda funny.. my brother was pisces (he has since passed) anyway, we were much alike in likes and dislikes etc and I was born on the cusp of Pisces and have traits of both so it didn't change anything for me lol

    thanks for stopping by my blog! my book reading has slowed a lot for reason I don't really know so I substitute photos when I can

  5. I guess this just goes to prove that all of this is just a bit of fun ...... or is it? I should imagine some people are deeply confused by now. Do we know what the sign is for this?

  6. Love this post! I tried to write something similar but yours is much better. This whole thing is so silly, it really makes me wonder, "Is somebody getting paid to come up with this shit?" Because I want THEIR job.

  7. Lol, love the post :D

    I was the perfect pisces, everything fitted and was so me. Now suddenly I am something else, that does not fit at all. Oh well, astrology sucks

  8. I read about the new star signs yesterday and had a minor freak out! I'm a Cancer to the core -- family-oriented; sensitive; independent; hardworking; moody and mercurial.

    But now, apparently, I'm a Gemini.

    Fun-loving? Social? Concerned with appearances?

    No. Not so much.

    I boycott the change, Vivienne! Boycott. And I'm forever a Cancer in my soul.

  9. You mean I'm not the persnickety Virgo I thought I was? Vivienne, I noticed this headline in the paper today but did not read the article yet. Prompted by your humorous post, I will read it later today.

  10. I'm boycotting the changes right along with Meg! I'm a Scorpio in my heart of hearts.

  11. I'm a boycotting along with the others. I am a definitely Sagittarius and although my sign didn't change (Dec. 20) my dad went from Sag to Ophiuchus and now I can't use the excuse that we don't get along because we are both Sags. Shoot.

  12. This really did make for great conversation on Twitter the other day! I laughed so hard when I read the title of this post. Luckily I started out as a Leo and I'm staying a Leo. The change doesn't affect me at all. hehehe!

  13. Ooer - whatever next? I don't know if I've changed or not - I've always thought it rather funny that I'm a pisces who's scared of water ;) But those traits you list - do sound like dippy dreamer me. Always got me head in the clouds.

  14. This is absolutely outrageous! I am not a cancer! I am a LEO! I refuse to recognise this stupid change. I'm sticking with what I know!

  15. Oh, hang on, I've thought about this a bit more. So, the signs have changed because the earth has moved, right? Well surely your star sign is set when you are born, so if the earth with in a position whereby August 1st made me a Leo, then whatever it does now can't make any difference. I think. I'm confused now!

  16. Ha!! Seriously? I mean, of all the ridiculous things in the world...

    But, I'm still glad I'm a Leo. Was quite proud of that. I wonder about all those people who have their signs tatooed on their bodies. Pretty sure my brother-in-law is a Libra with a huge scale on his back. Looks like he's a Virgo now! LOL!

  17. I'm an Aries who switched to Pisces. I was actually born on the cusp of the two of them, anyway, so I think it doesn't make much of a difference to me. It's hilarious to see how many people it DOES seem to anger. As though the universe has betrayed them.

  18. Oh yes, Viv, I've heard all about it. I'm now a Virgo. Good Lord...

  19. oh no no no! There's no way I'm an Ophiuchus now. After 34 friggin' years of being a Sagittarius!
    This also means that my husband and childrens star signs are changed as well since they've changed all these dates now to fit in the friggin' Ophiuchus. How will I break the news to my family? Theres no way my children are now Taurus. They were always such classic Geminis.

    Who lives life this way??
    What about those people that have their star signs tattooed on themselves?? What now?

  20. Read the item we discussed and loved it! Havent checked yet whether my sign has moved but Im sticking to Taurus like the others - too old to start remembering new star signs!!! xxx

  21. Want to trade? The new calendar says that I'm an aquarius now, not a pisces. I liked being a pisces! (Said with a loud whine.)

    I don't believe in horoscopes or any of the star sign nonsense, but I have to admit that I'm a little ticked off that someone says my sign has changed. :)


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