Sunday 6 March 2011

Cover Lust 5

I wouldn't normally do this but I have just finished reading the first book below and fell in love it. Once I began searching out the rest of the authors books I fell in love with those too. So this week's Cover Lust solely features the books by Zoe Marriott. 

The Swan Kingdom

This book is being re released on the 4th July and it has one of the those covers you just want to sit inside.  I used to live right by a lake where swans used to reside and they have always been one of my favourite birds.  This cover just gives off a sense of tranquility.

I have just finished reading this book and I will be reviewing it on my blog tomorrow. All I will say in advance is that it is a beautifully written book. It is a retelling of the Hans Christian Anderson story 'The Wild Swans'. Just to clarify,  a retelling is when the writer takes the basic idea from the story and rewrites it from a new perspective.

Daughter of the Flames

Daughter of the Flames was originally released in 2008 and will be re released in 2012 with a new cover. However I think the old cover is absolutely awesome. I just love the flames!

Here is the description from the back cover.
In an ancient temple in the mountains of Ruan, fifteen-year-old Zira trains to become a warrior priestess, fighting against the occupying forces of tyrannical King Abheron. Then terror strikes at everything Zira loves. To survive, she must unravel the secrets of her identity, decide her people's fate - and accept her feelings for a man who should be her enemy.

Shadow of the Moon

This is Zoe's new book which will be released in July too. This cover is utterly beautiful. Simple and serene.  I have taken the description  of the book from Zoe's blog as she describes it perfectly.
 Shadow of the Moon is  the story of Cinderella, turned on its head and set in a faerytale version of Feudal Japan. It's a story about revenge, and obsession and about magic, and about what happens when people lie to themselves and others. But mostly - and most importantly - it's about love, in all its varied, beautiful and frightening forms.

I loved The Swan Kingdom and I can guarantee that I will be found outside Waterstones on July 4th to pick up the new edition as well as a copy of Shadow on the Moon. 

Come back tomorrow to read my review of The Swan Kingdom.


  1. I love the retelling of fairytales :D Thanks for the gorgeous look at the covers

  2. I love the Shadows on the Moon cover too!

  3. Not too sure about book 2 but I liked the covers of the first and last books.

  4. Great covers - I especially love Daughter of the Flames.

  5. They do have great covers. I especially like Shadows of the Moon - it's awesome!


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