Tuesday 26 July 2011

Hunting Lila by Sarah Alderson

Pages - 306
Published by Simon & Schuster on the 4th August 2011
Book kindly sent by publisher for a honest review.

Only when the tip of the knife started to shave against the white of his eye like a scalpel about to pierce a boil, did I realise that I was the one holding it.
Or, rather, controlling it.

When Lila discovers that she can no longer hide her unique ability a mugging occurs, she quickly jumps on a plane to go an see the only two people she really trusts. Her brother and his best friend since childhood - Alex. On arrival in California, she soon realises that Jack and Alex don't have your run of the mill style jobs. They both work for a  secret government organisation called The Unit and are hunting the men who were responsible for the death of her mother. By the time she arrives, they are very near to catching them. However, Lila quickly realises that there isn't a lot of difference between herself and the killers. her  brother is desperate to keep her safe from.

From the first paragraph written above, you can see how this book grabs your attention straight away. I have to say the whole first chapter really packed a punch and I was completely smitten for the rest of the book.
 Lila has an amazing power, she can move things with her mind. Unfortunately for Lila, she isn't always in control of this power and it actually leads to her midnight flit to America when she nearly gouges out a mugger's eye without realising it. In the beginning, Lila comes across as a rather young and innocent teenager who only seems to think about what she wants. As the book progresses, you watch her change as she realises just what her whole family is actually involved in and the danger she now finds herself in. She seems to instantly be blown into adulthood as realisations reveal themselves one after another as the book progresses.

The best bit about this book has to be the rather swoon some relationship between Alex and Lila. There is no instant love in this book. This one has been on a slow burner for years. Lila has lusted after Alex since she was very young. She has this idealistic view of how their romance will pan out, but is thwarted by her interpretation of Alex's behaviour towards her. It is so natural how the two of them finally start to see things from the same angle. There is a rather hot scene in a motel room, that was just gorgeous and left you shouting at the book 'FINALLY!' Sarah also provides us with some extremely hot male characters in UNIFORM! I will say no more. 

I loved the way Jack, Lila's brother reacted to the blossoming relationship. Typically, he was not impressed that his best friend had betrayed his trust by hitting on his sister and you could see how the sparks flew between them as they each fought for what they believed in. 

This book is intense from the beginning to the end and as more snippets of information about the past come to light, you find yourself like Alice in  Wonderland, slipping rather quickly through the rabbit hole and unable to find a way out until you discover the truth.

 As a young adult book, there was quite a bit of maturity about the story. It would definitely be one that I would recommend to the older teenage market and I am pretty sure that the older female generation will love it too. 

For a debut novel, this book really blew me away. The intensity, the simmering love story that hits boiling point and the revelations that I would never have guessed,just add to a book that wows you with each turning page. Sarah Alderson can make you jump from hating a character to loving them with just the turn of a page.  This book should be on everybody's summer reading list. This is one that will require your complete attention, as you will find it difficult to put down, so do make sure you have a few hours to spare before embarking on this fast paced journey.

I am so excited by this book and the fact that I have found a new author to love. Sarah has another book coming out in January called Fated and I will definitely be first in line to buy a copy. 


  1. Great review - thanks! :)

    I've been looking forward to this book but haven't really read anything on the blogs about it!

  2. Thanks for the lovely review! I'm so excited about this book, the story sounds amazing and the cover is gorgeous! :D

  3. Youve peaked my interest! Especially since you say it should be on everyones summer reading list.

  4. Wow this sounds amazing. Definitely putting it on my list.

  5. Lol, hot men in uniform ;) How did you know that was a weakness?

    And in a YA book none the less

  6. Renu - I was just as excited and it did not let me down.

    Naida - definitely a summer read, set in California.

    Jenni - get to it girl!

    Blodeuedd - I know all about you and your hot men! Your books are steamy!


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