Wednesday 21 September 2011

The Passage Readalong - Co hosting with The Book Memoirs

Today it is The Book Memoirs turn to host The Passage Read -along. We are on Week 5 of our journey through the book and we are covering Chapters 23 to 92. My partners in crime are Elle and Kate from The Book Memoirs,who will probably put their thoughts up on their blog later.  Please be aware that this post will contain SPOILERS!

In this section we stayed mainly with Peter as he recalls the events that led to his brother being abducted by a viral and the mysterious appearance of Amy. Peter is really suffering with his loss; he just can't accept that his brother has gone and has waited patiently to kill him if he returns as a viral. Peter is the first person to have had any contact with Amy, yet he has not admitted to this. I can't help but feel this will bite him in the bum at some point.

One of the men in charge of the outpost, has been changed into a viral, yet no one can work out when the change occurred as it appeared to be instantaneous. They discovered that Zander had been sneaking out of the compound to the library, where they discovered lots of dead children. Something sinister was insinuated about Zander's connection to the library, but I am afraid it when right over my head and I didn't have a clue what they were referring to.

I have to say the book is becoming easier to get back into. Now the new host of characters have been established and Amy has finally returned, I found myself whipping through this section of the book and struggling to put it aside for next week. Now I know I am really enjoying it.

My heart went out to Amy, as her loneliness engulfed me. I really don't know how she could have coped with  no one to talk to for so many years. It seems she can communicate with the virals by thought, but she is still just so different from them. Her endless journey must have been miserable. She craves comfort.

I was intrigued by how Amy had changed in appearance. In near on a hundred years, she seems to have aged only about nine or ten years. I am struggling to understand if she is immortal, how is she aging? Surely she would remain as a six year old, frozen during the time of her change to immortality.

When Amy arrives at the camp, all hell seems to break lose.  All the people in charge of the camp are demoted and new people step in to run everyone's lives. Alice and Caleb are treated like criminals and I found that rather unjust behaviour. They saved a life, which resulted in others being in danger, but still, they saved a life! I found myself getting rather angry with the people in charge.

I have a feeling that as the book progresses, Amy may well be able to bring both warring parties together, as she is able to communicate with both, but I suppose we will have to wait and see.

On the whole the book is definitely improving and I was left wanting more. Roll on next week!

On the whole, the book is definitely improving and I

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  1. I've been wanting to give this book another try. The audio wasn't working for me when I tried it. The reviews seem mixed but I do like the sound of it.

    Hope u like this one a lot.


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