Monday 2 January 2012

Hot Books for January

Happy New Year everyone!
I hope you all had a good Christmas and got lots of fabulous presents. I also hope you had a good New Year's Eve.  We had a quite Christmas due to illness, so I am struggling a little to get organised this week. So my hot books post is going to be a little different this month. Below you will see all the fantastic books that have piqued my interest in the YA section for January. If you want to know more about each book, then click on the picture which will transfer you to the Goodreads page that will tell you more. 
ATOM Books

Macmillan Children's Books
Oxford University Press
Catnip  Publishing
Simon And Schuster
Hodder Children's Books
Orion Children's  Books
HarperCollins Children's Books
MIRA Publications
Random House Children's Books
Walker Books
Chicken House
Frances Lincoln Publishers

These all look so fabulous. Which books do you want to read this January?


  1. What a brilliant start to the year! Definitely want to read The Beast, The Future of Us & Floors. Just wish I could read faster!

  2. I'm sorry to hear that there was sickness in your family over Christmas. I hope everyone is feeling better now and that the 2012 will be a most excellent year for the entire family :)

    I'm pining for Immortal Beloved #2, The Future of Us and more :)

  3. Sorry to hear about the illness Viv. Hope you got lots of lovely bookish pressies under your tree. Mine are here if you want a peep ;)

    Some gorgeous book covers there. I REALLY want to read Long Lankin and Hunting Ground but love Chris Wooding so that one is speaking to me too.

  4. Great looking books :) Though I do not know if there is one this time that truly jumps out at me...except for Supernaturally

    And i hope you all are feeling better now

  5. Zac - I hear ya! I am aiming for 200 books this year. I hope I can make it.

    Mari - thanks hun. I have just finished reading The Future Of Us and it was fabulous. Definitely for the maturer YA lover.

    Carmen - Lol, I didn't get any books under the tree, but I did get a Kindle! I am just about to start reading The Hunting Ground.

    Blodeuedd - feeling much better now. Supernaturally probably is the only one I am not so fussed over as I haven't read the first one.

  6. I've got a couple of those in my TBR pile and hope to get to them soon.

  7. It's insane how many amazing sounding books are coming out this month, and I want to read almost all of them lol!

    I'm sorry to here you and your family haven't been well over Christmas, hope you all are feeling better soon!

  8. Sorry to hear about the illness over the holiday...hope all is well now.
    Those are some nice books! What a great cover on Tempest.

  9. Wow what a fantastic selection of books.

    I'm sure my bank balance is already groaning :)

  10. Such an amazing collection out this month... I want a lot of them and the ones I have are amazing!

  11. I love this post and your post button. Thank you so much for adding to my wish-list. Wait what am I saying :D


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