Saturday 28 January 2012

Teenage Takeover ( 3)

And there was me thinking January would pass quietly without interruptions. No chance of that, Baby Belle steps forward to review her latest read.   A lover of all books graphic she couldn't resist reading this MG, especially as she dreams of stardom!

Goodreads Summary
Meet Polly Price, owner of the world’s most embarrassing mother: actress and all-round airhead Arabella Diamonte. Who has just been cast in a touring production of a new play, meaning Polly is heading to San Francisco for what may well turn out to be the craziest summer holiday of her life. Read Polly’swonderfully funny diary as she records the mishaps and mayhem backstage, before all of a sudden the spotlight is on her!

Published by Red Fox in March 2012

What is the book about?
The book  is about a young girl whose mum is famous and  she gets to go to San Francisco with her. Throughout the book she finds out who  her worst enemies  are as well as discovering  the boy of her dreams.

Who is the main character of the book and what happens to them during the story?
The main character of the book is a girl called Polly Price who ends up betting her enemies. She becomes the star of the show which makes Ophelia and Aurora, the enemies very angry.
What was your favourite part of the book and why?
my fav  My favourite part of the book was when all the cast members and the whole studio went to the beach. Polly's enemies end up getting hurt and then one of them loses her voice from being too  loud. It was so funny because  then  it meant that Polly had to take their  place and gets to perform in the show. I also liked that it was a graphic book, which I really love reading. 
Who was your favourite character and why?
My favourite character is Polly because she is not mean and horrible  like the other two girls, even if someone was being nasty  to her.  She is also a  good actor  and very pretty as well.
What did you dislike about the book?
Nothing I loved it .
Was there anything in the book you would like to have seen written differently?
I wanted the relationship between Polly and Will to develop further,  so that they  ended up going out with each other.
Would you read a book by this author again? 
Yes the author is amazing!

Would you recommend this to others? 
Yes i would as  it is a brilliant book.

How many points would you give the book out of ten? 
  I give it 10 because it was  amazing!

So it looks like Polly Price's Totally Secret Diary: On Stage In America was a  hit. I am now wondering why my Amazon account seems to have purchased the rest of the series. Sigh. 


  1. Brilliant review! We're really looking forward to this one. :)

  2. Great review, I love these takeovers a lot :)

  3. Wonderful, I loved this review. I think we can all identify with this as I think most of us have believed we have the most embarassing mother at some point in our lives.

  4. It sounds great and it sure did the trick :D

  5. Luisa - she loved it and I am positive your kids will too.

    Jenni - thanks

    Petty Witter - mine are convinced I am the most embarrassing mother around.

    Blodeuedd - it did that.

  6. great review from your little one viv, I wish I could bully mine into reviewing for me ;)


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