Tuesday 7 February 2012

Celia Rees - This Is Not Forgiveness Blog Tour

A novel that changed my life.
The Chocolate War – Robert Cormier
Robert Cormier’s The Chocolate War was written about and for teenagers but it is adult in its honesty and the complexity of the narrative. I was very impressed by Robert Cormier’s refusal to compromise or conform to what would be perceived as ‘acceptable’ writing for teenagers, either in content or form. He was putting the Adult into Young Adult, not just in what the book was about but in the way the story was told. I wanted to follow his example, so I began my first book, Every Step You Take, and quit my job to become a writer, so it changed my life.

Pop back at 3pm for my review of This Is Not Forgiveness.

If you want to read the first chapter of This Is Not Forgiveness, then click on the following link. http://www.bloomsbury.com/Celia-Rees/authors/709/article/9730
If you would like to win a copy of This Is Not Forgiveness by Celia Rees, all you have to do is leave a comment telling me which book you would consider changed your life. This is a UK only competition, and will close on the 14th February. 
BIO: Celia Rees studied history at university before going on to teach English in comprehensive schools. She has used her passion for the past and her love of literature to create much-loved novels such as the highly acclaimed Witch Child and its sequel Sorceress, as well as Pirates!Sovay and The Fool’s Girl. Her new book, This is Not Forgiveness, is published in February 2012 and is available in paperback and eBook.
 WEBSITE: www.celiarees.com


  1. I have seen a few of her books at the library, but on Swedish, no translations for me anymore if I can help it

  2. Interesting post, I read and enjoyed The Chocolate War a while ago now and whilst I can't say it had a big impact on my life it certainly made me think about one or two things.

    As for the book that changed my life? I think that would have to be Mitch Albom's The Five People You Meet In Heaven. Wonderfully moving, I found it such a profound read that really made me appreciate the people who are important in my life.


  3. One book that changed my life? That's so tough. Because most worthwhile books change you in some way. But I think the one I go back to would have to be The Children's Story by James Clavell. It's very short, a quick read, but really makes you think about education, children and what they might be learning.


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