Monday 9 July 2012

Say hello to Strange Chemistry, an exciting new imprint

I thought it was about time the lovely folks at Strange Chemistry told us a bit more about what they are all about and what they are up to! Amanda Rutter, the editor for Strange Chemistry, kindly put this post together to let you all know. 
Today I am delighted to be hosted by the lovely Vivienne, who has already shown Strange Chemistry such fabulous support in the short time we’ve been up and running!

I was asked to talk a little about Strange Chemistry, what we’re about, what books we’re bringing out and what our authors think about us.

We are the new kid on the block this year (well, once of them *waves at Hot Key Books*). We are a fresh and modern imprint, brought to you by the same people who dreamt up Angry Robot Books, and our key aim is to bring quality and relevant Young Adult titles to readers who will find new authors to love.

I think the name of our imprint tells you everything you need to know! Strange Chemistry – books that feel timeless, bringing you a mix of old and new. Traditional with a twist. Identifiable stories and genres that have been blended together to create something utterly special.

Our launch package of novels embraces this ideal, with something for everyone! We have an SF thriller in the form of SHIFT, accompanied by a gothic American mystery BLACKWOOD (in September). In October we bring you POLTERGEEKS, an urban fantasy featuring a very sassy teenage witch, and THE ASSASSIN’S CURSE, swashbuckling high fantasy featuring assassins and pirates with a rich Arabian Nights flavour. We close out 2012 with KATYA’S WORLD, an interplanetary SF novel with a smart female protagonist and her Han Solo-esque foil.
Looking forward into 2013, we have a Frankenstein retelling, a very special school for those with rather unusual powers, a circue-themed fantasy, a steampunk adventure tale and a tremendously imaginative exovet SF story – and that’s just in the first half of the year! It’s a terribly exciting time for Strange Chemistry, and we’re absolutely delighted to take you all on our journey.

Here are some of our lovely authors with their thoughts about Strange Chemistry and working with us!

"I've been a massive fan of Angry Robot Books ever since they burst onto the scene so when it was learned they were starting a Young Adult imprint, my agent read my mind. She knew it would be a perfect home for my work. Strange Chemistry Books has a fantastic starting lineup of novels with breathtaking cover art - books written by authors who are amazingly talented and writing some cutting edge stuff that's far different from most YA books at your local bookstore. I think Strange Chemistry is going to take the YA book world by storm." – Sean Cummings, author of Poltergeeks (October 2012)
“I’m a diehard YA fan, reading almost exclusively paranormal and sci-fi. When I found out BROKEN was on sub to Strange Chemistry, the new YA imprint of Angry Robot, I started following Amanda on Twitter—I wouldn’t call it stalking, but I checked OFTEN—praying for something that seemed like it might relate to my book. It’s been a whirlwind of awesome since then. My fellow authors are an ever-growing bunch of siblings. Amanda is a sweet, funny, impassioned editor, a book champion as invested in our stories as we are. Who could ask for more?” – Ann Rought, author of Broken (January 2013)
I was already familiar with Angry Robot, and so when I heard they were launching a new YA imprint I figured (rightly!) that their smart, fresh approach and gorgeous design aesthetic would carry over to it. My agent and I exchanged emails about it as a promising place to submit right away, and voila, the rest is history. Working with Amanda and the rest of the team has been amazing. And an unexpected side benefit has been getting to know my fellow Strange Chemists, all of whose books I'm excited to read. Team Strange Chemistry is a great place to be.” – Gwenda Bond, author of Blackwood (September 2012)
“When I learned my debut novel would be released by Strange Chemistry, I was beyond ecstatic. Amanda had actually plucked another manuscript of mine out of the slush pile for Angry Robot's Open Door Month a year ago, and I was excited to have a chance to work with her as my editor. I really think Strange Chemistry will be taking YA in some exciting and innovative directions in the years to come, and it's so humbling that I get to be a part of that! Plus, the support I receive from Strange Chemistry -- both from Amanda and the other authors -- is overwhelming and wonderful.” – Cassandra Rose Clarke, author of The Assassin’s Curse (October 2012)
"I am so happy to be working with Strange Chemistry. I met Amanda a bit before Strange Chemistry formed and feel as though she's a friend as well as my editor. She launched my career by plucking me from the slushpile and giving me a chance. I feel like I'm in excellent hands with them and so well-supported--couldn't ask for a better publisher to start my writing path." – Laura Lam, author of Pantomime (February 2013)
“When I heard Angry Robot were launching a YA imprint, I emailed my agent saying, “I would kill to be published by these guys.” So when I got 'The Call' telling me they loved my book and wanted me to be one of their launch authors, I had to pinch myself so hard I was covered in bruises for weeks.
From that moment forth, I’ve continued to have an exceptionally responsive, hands on relationship with my editor, Amanda. She’s there, night or day, whenever I need her. And I don’t have to wait longer than a matter of hours for a reply. Even if she’s on holiday.
Amanda goes above and beyond to find opportunities to promote my debut. As an ex-blogger, she fully understands the importance of the online community in today’s market. She also has this amazing ability to make me feel like I’m her most important author. (I know for a fact, talking to all her other authors that she makes them feel that too. But that doesn’t take anything away from it.) Even though I know she’s spinning a hundred plates, when I’m talking to or emailing her, I know I have her full attention.
And Strange Chemistry just get it. They get the market and what it takes to connect with readers and stand out. Because they’re hungry and nimble, they are able to sneak in under the radar and then surprise everyone with astoundingly good books. I’m enormously privileged to be a part of the Strange Chemistry family.” – Kim Curran, author of Shift (September 2012)
Wow! We really do have some exciting books to look forward too! I have already read Poltergeeks and I really enjoyed it, so I can't wait to read more from Strange Chemistry. Good luck Amanda and team! Long live Strange Chemistry!

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