Tuesday 25 September 2012

Arabesque by Colin Mulhern

Published by Catnip Publishing in September 2012
Book kindly sent by publisher for an honest review
Pages - 303

Be the best.
It was a philosophy her  dad taught her. Her mother might have been content that Amy was healthy, happy, comfortable and doing well, but there were occasions when her dad would check that they were alone and quietly say,'Sometimes, Amy, there's no prize for second place. Do you know what I mean?'

Goodreads Summary

Amy May is the best at everything she does. But how do you know you're really the best until you're tested? Until you're pushed to the limit?
A botched kidnapping attempt drags Amy and her best friend into the depths of a criminal underworld, a world where the players think with bullets and blackmail. Where they will stop at nothing to get what they want.
And what they want, only Amy May can provide.
If either Martina Cole or Lynda La Plante wrote Young Adult fiction, this is the kind of book they would produce. I 'm serious, it was like watching one of the BBC dramas unfold on television where as each layer of the story is revealed, an unsuspecting surprise pops out catapulting the story into a completely different direction. I went without sleep to read this book and that very rarely happens these days. I want to petition the BBC to make it into a film, with Ray Winstone as a definite candidate for one of the main characters. 
If I had a hundred copies of this book, I would be handing it out like candy. It really is a must read that will have you gripped and breathless. This book is like entering an East End version of the Twilight zone. You start with one kind of story and whoosh in a downward spiral into another which you are totally unprepared for. I couldn't have predicted how this story would end in a million years.  I have to give the author immense praise for such an excellent well written book. 
I loved Amy! I thought she was an amazing and strong willed character who could take on any of the kiss ass fantasy heroines presently slaying their way through the fiction world at the moment. Amy is calculated - everything she does is carefully thought through in the first place - there are many layers to this character and you watch in amazement as her real personality shines through. Amy reminded me of Catherine Zeta Jones in  Entrapment; she had that calculated view of life. 
I refuse to mention any of the plot as I would end up giving away spoilers. This book is best served without prior knowledge of the plot!
This book is a really gritty read and very compelling, even shocking at times. I was so drawn into the drama I often found myself skipping words and sentences as I was desperate to find out what happened in the end. 
I went through a roller coaster of emotions which left me gasping for air by the end.  I can't gush about this book enough. It is definitely one of my favourite reads this year. 


  1. What a great recommendation. On Niece #2's wishlist, I think I may well be ordering two copies.

  2. Wonderfully enthusiastic review! Amy does sound like a terrific character. I will look for this one.


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