Thursday 31 March 2016

Most Anticipated Books of April / Star of Excellence - Book of the Month.

I can't believe April is nearly here. With the light evenings coming, there will be so many more hours to read in. I'm looking forward to reading so many more books. So here are the five books I am salivating over for in April.
1) Passenger by Alexandra Bracken
Published by Quercus Children's Books
OMG! I have wanted to read this book FOREVER! Ever since I heard that Disney Hyperion were publishing it, I've been so desperate to get my hands on it. And then Quercus Children's Books sent me a copy! I could have kissed Lauren Woosey on the spot. This book is about time travel, which is one of my favourite genres. There is also pirates! You have got to love pirates!
2) When We Collided by Emery Lord
Published by Bloomsbury Children's Books.

Not only does one of the lead characters have a really cool name, but it sounds like a love story that I need to read. Vivi and Jonah's love could save or destroy them. Don't you want to read it now too???

3) The Smell of Other People's Houses by Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock
Published by Faber Children's Books 

I heard about this book at the Faber blogger brunch and fell in love with the story. Set in the 70's in Alaska, I was instantly reminded of my love for the TV programme, Northern Exposure. I would love to visit Alaska. I did a whole week on the blog about the books and programmes that feature Alaska, so this is really my kind of book. 
4) Chasing The Stars by Malorie Blackman
Published by Penguin Random House

I hold my hand up and admit that I have never ever read a Malorie Blackman book. I honestly don't know why, it just hasn't happened. But  I am determined to start with this one. Set it space, I am a little bit scared of the sci-fi genre but I really really want to read this book. 
5) The Appearance of Annie Van Sinderen by Katherine Howe
Published by One World Publications

I loved Katherine's previous novel, Conversion, so I am very excited by this one too. Howe is excellent at writing unusual paranormal books. This is one not to miss.

So these are the five books that I think will be amazing in April. Which books are you looking forward to? 
I thought I would include my favourite read of  March in the same post. To be chosen as my favourite read, it doesn't have to be published in the month I read it. I've read some awesome books but I can only pick one to get the Star of Excellence. 
So the Star of Excellence for March goes to...
 Love Song by Sophia Bennett
Published by Chicken House Books in April.
 I loved this book so much! It is the best love story I've read in FOREVER. I will be reviewing it next week on the blog, but you all must read it. 
This book is what teenage girl's dreams are made of. Imagine being able to tour with your favourite band. How could you not fall in love? 

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  1. I managed to *erm* accidentally import Passenger - I wondered why the cost was so much more than normal at the time. Didn't realise till I received it - it was the Disney Hyperion copy. Oops!

    Love Song has been moved to the next book I read :D


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