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Month of Men Blog Tour – Abbi Glines!

I’m jumping around like a loon today as I’m so excited to be hosting the Month of Men blog tour on the blog. If that wasn’t exciting enough, I get to have an extra bonus scene from the gorgeous Sea Breeze characters Eva and Cage written by Abbi Glines! Thank you Abbi for writing such awesome books with amazing characters.
            Opening the last drawer in my dresser, I found the picture of my Senior Prom tucked away. I’d been unable to look at Josh’s smiling face after I’d lost him. I picked it up and sank down on the box full of my books beside me. I’d known coming in here and packing everything up was going to be difficult. I had a lifetime of memories in this room. 
            “He really does look like Jeremy,” Cage’s voice startled me. I hadn’t heard him come back into the room. I’d sent him out to the Jeep with another box of my things. Lifting my gaze from Josh’s face to Cage’s, my heart sped up in my chest. The sadness and fear in his eyes confused me then I realized how this must look. I didn’t want Cage to think he was competing with Josh for my heart.
            “This was our prom. I put it away after he died. Seeing it hurt too much,” I explained reaching over to put it back in the drawer. I’d be leaving those memories here in this room. Daddy wasn’t happy but he also wasn’t disowning me. My room would remain here, untouched for me to come home if I ever needed to.
            “I don’t mind if you want to take it with you,” Cage’s voice betrayed him. He thought he was hiding his worry from me. Standing up, I turned around and slipped my hands behind his neck.
            “Josh is my past. I loved him from the time I was a little girl. Losing him almost destroyed me. But you,” I said tugging on the dark hair that curled against his neck. “Cage York, saved me. You taught me that life could go on. That my heart could love just as fiercely again.”
            The tension in his body eased and I couldn’t help but smile. It amazed me that this wild sexy man wanted just me. “Josh will always have a special place in my heart. But you, own my heart. Never doubt that. Not for a minute.”
            Cage let out a deep sigh and rested his forehead against mine.  “God that sounds good,” he whispered then kissed my temple. His hands began moving from my hips to cup my butt. “So, how much longer do you think it’ll be before your dad comes back?” He asked before nibbling on my ear and sending a shiver through me.
            “Hmmm… well he’s mad, so he’s blowing off steam. Do you really think it’s a good idea to take the chance he might come back at any minute?”
            Cage chuckled against my neck then pushed the strap of my tank top down over my shoulder and began nibbling on the tender skin just above my cleavage. “I’ve been fantasizing about making love to you in this girly room since we walked in here today,” he said in a husky voice as he lifted his eyes up to meet mine then pressed a kiss on the top of one of my breasts.
            “But Daddy,” I tried to remind him but my thoughts got all scatter as he reached for the hem of his shirt and pulled it off.  The sight of his chest always did me in and he knew it.
            “I’ll listen for his truck. Promise,” he assured me as he pulled my shirt off and threw it to the side. His hands settled back on my hips and he pulled me against him before lowering his mouth to mine. The softness of his lips always
surprised me and excited me at the same time. My hands went back around his neck and I held on as I let any worries about getting caught fade away.
            “Mmmm you taste good,” Cage whispered
            His deep husky voice made me tremble with excitement.
            Cage lifted me up, “Wrap your legs around me,” he instructed.
            After he had me firmly in his arms he walked us over to the bed while he continued to stroke the inside of my mouth with his tongue.
            Slowly, Cage laid me on the bed and then moved over me. “I like the idea of making you do naughty things on this frilly bed. It’s driving me crazy just thinking about it,” he admitted with a low chuckle.
            Before I could respond, the slamming of the screen door in the kitchen had Cage jumping back off of me and grabbing my shirt off the floor. He didn’t have to explain as he threw it to me. We both scrambled to get our shirts back on and Cage reached for another box as heavy footsteps came up the stairs.
            I scrambled over to the dresser once I had my shirt on. Cage smirked at me and gave me a wink before Daddy filled the doorway of my bedroom.
            “I want to talk to you, boy. Alone.” Wilson Brooks loud voice caused Eva to jump. I figured he’d want to talk to me before we left. When Eva had told him she was moving out he’d yelled and called me several names. Then he’d stormed off to his truck and spun out of the driveway. Now, he was back and he wanted to threaten me. I was prepared for this. 
            I also wanted to get him out of the bedroom before he realized Eva had her shirt on inside out. The grin tugging at my lips from the fact she’d put her clothes on wrong in the frenzy to get dressed wouldn’t go away. I knew Wilson thought I was smiling at him and that wasn’t going to go over well.
            “Okay,” I replied and walked toward the door with the box I’d picked up and blocked his view of Eva.
            “Daddy, don’t do this. I’m twenty years old. Please. Just be happy that I’ve moved on,” Eva begged.
            Wilson shook his head and turned around to head back down the stairs. I followed behind him silently.
            “Daddy! I mean it. Don’t say anything else mean to Cage like you did earlier. You were wrong. I love you but you were so very wrong.” Eva called out.
            The warmth in my chest was something new. She was worried about me. She was defending me. Damn that felt good. Even if I was just fine with whatever Wilson wanted to call me. I understood. I was taking his little girl away. He’d probably hate me  for the rest of his life.
            Wilson walked out of the house onto the front porch before stopping and turning around to face me. 
            “Dammit boy. I warned you to stay away from her,” Wilson roared.
            “Yes you did. But I couldn’t.”
            Wilson took off his straw hat and ran a hand over his bald head.  “Why her? Why Eva? You could’ve found you another girl to move in with you and ruin. Why my Eva? She’s been through so much already. She ain’t your kind boy. She don’t give herself easily.”
            Anger flared inside me. Not because he was insinuating that I wasn’t good enough for her because he was right about that. But because he was belittling what she was to me. I may have the reputation from hell but Eva had changed all that.
            “It wasn’t a choice. I. Adore. Eva. She isn’t just some girl I’m entertaining myself with. She owns me. I’ll move heaven and earth to make her happy. Hell, I’ve just spent every last dime of the money I was saving for a Harley to buy her a piano so she can play everyday. I understand that she’s your daughter and you’re worried about her. But do not think for one damn minute that she is just another girl for me. Eva is my world.”
            Wilson hard glare eased some as he stood there studying me. I really hoped Eva had left her nosey little ass upstairs and hadn’t heard the part about the piano. I wanted to surprise her.
            “You got her a piano?” He asked almost in a hushed whisper.
            “Yeah, I did. She wants one.”
            Wilson put his hat back on his head and turned away from me to stare out at the front yard. I knew the piano reminded him of his wife but he’s aversion to it had kept Eva from getting to do something she loved. It was a connection with her mother that she needed. I wanted her to have that.
            “Her momma played the piano,” He said.
            “Yes sir, I know.”
            We both stood in silence until Wilson moved toward the steps and started down them.  Where was he going now?
            “You take care of my baby girl. I’ll hang you up by your balls if you hurt her,” he said in a cold even tone. I bit back a grin.
            “I’ll do everything in my power to make her happy.” I assured him.
            He didn’t respond or look back. Instead, he stalked toward to his truck.
            The screen door opened and Eva stepped out. “Daddy!” She called out and ran down the stairs. He stopped and slowly turned around to look at her. The unshed tears in his eyes made my stomach drop. Would she change her mind?
“I love him Daddy. I love him so much. I’m not being reckless. I just can’t live without him.”
My heart soared. Had anyone ever defended me so fiercely? Had anyone picked me over someone else they loved? Damn if I didn’t want to go jerk that inside out tank top off her and press her up against the nearest tree.
“I’m beginning to understand that. Don’t make this right, though,” Wilson replied. Then he turned and headed to his truck where he climbed inside and drove away.
If she cried, I was going to go run him down and force him back here to fix this.  But when she turned back around to face me, she was smiling. 
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Whoa! I just can’t get enough of these characters. If you are following the Month of Men blog tour, then please click here for more information. Pop back later today from my review of Because of Low.


  1. Love getting just a little more Cage! Thanks Abbi!

  2. awww. I love them so much! Cage never cease to tug my heart. I read this whole bonus chapter with a reeeeealy big grin on my face. Thank you for always bringing happiness in my world Abbi! :D

  3. Thanks abbi...thank you for the bonus chapter. I can't wait to the next book for these two!!!

  4. That was fun to revisit with Cage & Eva. Thanks.

  5. I love those two! They're my favorite couple and i'm so glade they're getting another story! ^_^


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