Sunday 22 September 2013

Stargirl Academy: Madison's Starry Spell by Vivian French

Last Monday afternoon, Izzy and I had the worst row ever. We used to get on really well, but just recently we've been fighting loads. Ever since she went to her new school, she thinks she's SO grown-up, and she can't be bothered with me. We never cuddle up on the sofa any more, and we never go shopping together. I used to love it when we did that – we used to giggle all the time, and come back with all sorts of rubbishy things that we both adored. But not now.
Pages – 128
Published in July 2013
Summary From Walker Books
Madison is delighted to be back at Stargirl Academy! But when the Golden Wand points to her and she must choose the next mission, she finds that helping people is not as easy as she thought…
This is the second book in the Stargirl Academy series about trainee fairy godmothers - or stargirls, as they're called nowadays! The story is about Madison, one of the six Stargirl Academy friends, who has to pick somebody to help when the Golden Wand points at her. She and the rest of Team Starlight use their magic to try to help her sister's friend, Di. As the story unfolds, it becomes clear that it's not Di, but Madison's sister Izzy who needs help after all. The stargirls rise to their new challenge, although there are some hairy moments before they sort everything out.
The story moves along at a good pace and the plot and characters kept me interested to the end of the book. I particularly enjoyed reading about the girls learning to do the solidifying spell that played a memorable part later in the story. The characters, especially the academy teachers, are well-drawn, there are line drawings every couple of pages and the cover is fab, with lots of shiny stars. A good read for girly-girls aged seven and over. 

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