Wednesday 22 October 2014

Jolly Snowmen By Ned Taylor and Annette Rusling

untitled (8)
Five little snowmen on a winter's day,
Looked at one another 
and wondered what to play…
Picking up some snowballs,
they hurled them through the air
And one little snow-friend 
was knocked to don't know where!
Summary From Caterpillar Books
Five little snowmen on a winter's day looked at one another and wondered what to play... 
Count the jolly little snowmen in this adventurous rhyming tale, as one by one they skate, slide and slip away! Featuring tactile 3D snowmen, perfect for little hands. 
This novelty book for young children tells the story, in rhyme, of five snowmen who are gradually whittled down to one. But – never fear! – all turns out well at the end when the five of them share some fun at the snow ball. 
The book has thick pages, not as thick as a board book but I should think they'll stand up to a bit of rough handling by enthusiastic toddlers. It's full of cute, snowy illustrations with plenty to talk about on every page and lots of counting to do.
The snowmen are plastic shapes stuck on to the pages; they are visible through cut outs and it's fun guessing which one will vanish next. I think little fingers will enjoy exploring those holes!
This is a fun book to share on a snowy day, and in the run-up to Christmas, with a Christmas tree and lots of presents appearing on the last page to get everyone in the mood for the festivities. 

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