Monday 6 October 2014

The Winter Wolf by Holly Webb

Tangled branches tapped at the windows as the car nosed down the track towards the house. Amelia shivered happily. It was  a bit like a fairy tale, this huge, old , abandoned house, deep  in the countryside.
Published by Stripes in September 2014
Pages – 178
Amelia is exploring the huge, old house where her family are spending Christmas when she finds a diary hidden in the attic. It was written by a boy struggling to look after an abandoned wolf pup. Before she knows it, Amelia is transported into the wintry world of the diary.
Noah wishes he had someone to help keep a lost wolf pup safe. Then Amelia appears mysteriously one day. Together, can they find the pup’s mother out in the icy wilderness?
Holly Webb is fast becoming synonymous with wintery tales. Each year, I eagerly await a copy of her new, hard bound, beautifully illustrated story like a longed for present on Christmas morning. Any child waking up with one of these books in their stockings, will delight in the snowy adventure they are about to embark on.
In this book, we are transported back to America during the 1800’s, to help a young boy save the life of an adorable wolf cub. Anyone with an ounce of passion for animals, will be desperate to see this cub reunited with it’s mother. The most amazing thing happens in this story as Amelia’s intense fear of dogs melts away when she realizes how helpless the little cub is. Amelia’s journey into the past, changes her attitude for the future.
Each chapter begins with a diary entry from Noah, who tells the story as it occurred during his life time. His story reminded me of The Little House on the Prairies stories by Laura Ingles Wilder, which captured my fascination as a child.
I simply loved this tale and accompanied alongside such beautiful drawings, I really felt I had read something special. A must for any animal loving, 7 to 9 year old.

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  1. the cover is so cute!!!!!! i'm a lot more than 9 but i want this one as well!!!!


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