Wednesday 1 October 2014

The Royal Babysitters - Written by Clementine Beauvais and Illustrated by Becka Moor.

One sunny morning, King Alaspooryorick of Daneland, after a breakfast of coffee, orange juice and roast kitten, picked up his phone and called the Queen and King of Britland.
Published by Bloomsbury in September 2014
Pages – 186
Anna and Holly have spotted an advert in the paper for a Holy Moly Holiday – the intergalactic vacation of a lifetime. They simply CAN'T not go. But how will they get enough money? Simple: they'll become royal babysitters for a day. Unfortunately, the girls are in for a shock. Once King Steve and Queen Sheila have left, they discover there isn't just one prince to look after. There are six. And worse, the country's arch enemy, King Alaspooryorick of Daneland, has decided to stage an invasion. Will the girls be able to keep their royal charges safe and still go on their dream holiday?
If you think the cover is funny, just wait until you start reading the book! It’s hilarious from start to finish. I smiled and giggled all the way through it.
I loved the extreme characterisation of the King and Queen of Britland, not to mention, King Alaspooryorick. They couldn’t be less Royal if they tried! They came across quite childish, which I know kids will love. To be honest, the most grownup people in the book were Anna and Holly, which I thought was brilliant. Every kids wants to see the kids fixing all the problems, while the adults cry like babies.
I loved the new titles of the heads of each country: Empress of Americanada, the King and Queen of Britland and my personal favourite, King Alaspooryorick of Daneland!
I can’t review this book without mentioning the entertaining illustrations drawn by Becka Moore, which only heightened the hilarious antics of the  characters.
This is a side splitting, laugh a minute tale that will leave you desperate for the next instalment.  The moral of this story – leave it to the kids to sort out any major political problems! Who needs adults?

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