Saturday 14 March 2015

I Love You to the Moon and Back by Tim Warnes

I love our time together as we start each happy day.
I love our bathtime silliness – the way we splash and play!
I love to lift you way up high, so you feel really tall!
We'll climb the highest mountain tops – hold tight and you won't fall. 
Summary From Little Tiger Press
Published in Februray 2015
When the sun comes up, Big Bear and Little Bear think of new ways to share their love. Big Bear loves Little Bear more and more as each day passes, right up to each new moon – and back. 
A joyful celebration of the love between parent and child, this lovely chunky board book is perfect for reading with your special little person. With sturdy pages that are easy for little hands to turn and beautiful illustrations by Tim Warnes, I Love You to the Moon and Back will soon become a firm bedtime favourite.
I Love You to the Moon and Back is a beautifully illustrated board book that is just the right size for little hands. The sturdy pages won't be easily bent, either, which means it should last and last – a very good thing as this book is likely to become a favourite. 
The book is one of Little Tiger's Mothers' Day releases, which surprised me a bit when I heard about it as I thought the idea was to give presents to mothers on that day, rather than for mothers to give them to their babies. But, leaving that aside, this book, which is written in rhyme, is all about the love between a bear parent and their baby.
Tim Warnes' illustrations are atmospheric and calming, just right for bedtime, and show all the things the two bears get up to during the day. I would definitely recommend this lovely book for babies. Don't miss it!

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