Monday 30 March 2015

Secret Serendipity Seven with Harriet Whitehorn

Today on the blog, we have the rather talented MG author, Harriet Whitehorn, who is happy to reveal seven secrets.  Harriet’s second book, Violet and the Hidden Treasure has just been published by Simon and Schuster.
I love a secret but I am also incredibly bad at keeping them, so this is perfect for me.
1)   I would like to give the impression of being bold and fearless like Violet but I am in fact much more like Rose.  Despite being a grown up, I still absolutely hate being told off, and go to great lengths to avoid it.  Even my friends talking in the cinema makes me nervous in case anyone tells us to be quiet.
2)   In the first Violet book, there was originally a whole sub-plot about the cats and a love triangle between them, which, I think sensibly, got taken out and just portrayed in the drawings.  But the next book does feature a very bad-tempered cockatoo, which brings me onto …
3)  I always wanted a parrot as a child, but had to make do with a very dysfunctional rescue cat, who would randomly bite me and often refused to come out from under my parents bed for days on end.
4)  Violet was my secret as I hardly told anyone that I was writing a book until my publishing deal was done.
5)   It’s a bit like choosing your favourite child (which obviously I don’t have) but I would have to admit that my favourite character in the Violet books is PC Green.  And I can’t really tell you why, he just is.
6)   In the second book, Violet and the Hidden Treasure, I introduce all the characters by telling you their favourite possession. And mine is my father’s old fountain pen that I write with. 
7)   Violet travels a little in The Hidden Treasure and a lot in the third book, Violet and the Smugglers, and I have aspirations for her to go to all sorts of places – New York, Hawaii, Japan…
Violet and the Hidden Treasure by Harriet Whitehorn.
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