Tuesday 12 May 2015

Catch Me If You Cannes by Lisa Dickenson - Part 2

'So shall we send you back to your party boat?' Philippe the manager asked, an obviously rhetorical question as he held his arms wide in a don't you dare step onto this pier fashion. 
Published May 11th by Sphere

Jess had been feeling on top of the world - she'd had the best night out with Bryony, making lots of fabulous new friends, and she'd MET A BOY! Now, all of a sudden, her carefully constructed (if slightly exaggerated) facade is about to come tumbling down. She's had a taste of how the other half live and she's not ready to give it up just yet - especially if it means also giving up Leo. But how long can Jess and Bryony continue pulling the wool over everyone's eyes before they're in too deep?
So the pace slows down a lot in this  part of the book. The wild partying seems to have caught up with the girls and they are close to having their lies exposed. Time to step back, take a breather and reflect on their experiences. 
 Jess and Bryony are starting to see the cracks in the glamour of Cannes. It isn't all glamour and beauty. There is more to Cannes than just films. Bryony is convinced that a lot of stuff going on in Cannes, is kept hidden from the public and she makes it her mission to get to the bottom of it. 
Jess's blossoming friendship with Leo speeds up a little, moving quickly into romance. Until it becomes clear that Leo isn't perhaps all he says he is. 
  I was convinced that Leo was up to no good from the beginning and my suspicions ran in line with the girl's thoughts. Though now I'm thinking that might be too obvious and the author may have given us all a red herring. 
In this part we get to skip over to Monaco which sounds extremely affluent but gorgeous at the same time. One of those places you dream of visiting.
We are left on a cliff hanger at the end, so I am really looking forward to finding out what happens next. 

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