Saturday 12 September 2015

Book Blogger Island with Daniel from The Blogger's Bookshop

Now you didn't think Blogger Island was closed for winter, did you? Don't be silly! Where there are willing victims, there is plenty of space on my island. 
Ready with boarding pass and suitcase, we have Daniel from The Blogger's Bookshop, ready to embark on a rather dodgy trip that he might not return from...
Summer has come and gone, and within a week I’ll be back to the usual work routine begging for next summer. Say goodbye to the sunshine and cocktails, and welcome back the dull dark days leading up to winter. Wait, I can go on an all expenses paid trip to a luxury island where I’ll be able to read constantly and not have to worry about anything? Count me in! So I’ve been told that I’m only allowed to take 5-8 books with me, well I suppose it’ll only be a short break, right? Only allowed a certain allowance for hand luggage I take it? Fine by me!

*A multiple hour flight later*

Well, the island looks interesting…..Wait, where are the pool loungers? The bar? The jazz playing over the tannoy system?! WHY ARE YOU GETTING BACK ON THE PLANE?! YOU CAN’T LEAVE ME HERE ALONE!

*After spending an hour sitting by the water, I decide to rummage through my hand luggage and look over the books I am spending the rest of my days with*
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J.K. Rowling - This book will come as no surprise to anyone. It’s the book that encouraged a lot of people in my generation to read when they were younger, and I was no different. Except, I had a slightly more personal connection with this book because when I was growing up, this book was used as a bonding tool between me and my mother. We have always been close but this book brought us closer and really allowed our bond to grow exponentially! I owe so many good memories to this book, so why wouldn’t I bring it with me?
Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs - This book is so amazing because of the way that it was constructed. Using strange, old photographs collected from car boot sales and old photography bins, Ransom Riggs crafted a story that really emirates with it’s readers. It’s so inventive and the interweaving of the photographs really just adds to the story. It’s the perfect integration fit for anyone’s imagination!
Because You’ll Never Meet Me by Leah Thomas - Now this is more of a recent release in comparison to the others but this one is just as special and I’m glad I brought it along. This book weaves the tale of two boys who can never meet due to their conditions. One allergic to electricity and one living off of an electronic pacemaker. This story shows that friendships never always start off as easy as you would think and that they can appear from the most unlikely of places. It also tells that you never actually have to meet to make such a powerful friendship work. I think I’m going to need that considering I’m stuck on a deserted island. I hope someone will read my message in a bottle soon!
Cinder by Marissa Meyer - Growing up, fairytales have always been a large part of my life and my beliefs. I’ve always loved the messages that resonate in fairy tales and being a teacher I love the impact that they can have on younger readers - especially the light hearted versions! Cinder by Marissa Meyer takes a well known and loved story and weaves it into a new era and a science fiction world which works so well. I never in my life thought that these two genres could become mutually exclusive but apparently Marissa Meyer had other plans! It works so well!
Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie - Now this is just a classic that resonates throughout my childhood. When I was a child I wanted nothing more than to visit Neverland. It was always a place of wonder and mystery - a fantasy that any child understands and craves. I remember in my earlier years, going to visit my grandparents and watching the same Peter Pan video over and over again, with the book accompaniment in my hand, following the story as it went along. How jealous I was of Wendy, John and Michael. I wanted to visit the land of Peter Pan and begin an endless adventure, never having to grow up. Oh how I envy it now.

*As the last book tumbles out of the bag I sigh, lay back down on the sand and stare up at the sky in the hopes that someone will be back to rescue me. One day perhaps.*

Don't hold your breath Daniel... Enjoy your books and your stay on Book Blogger Island. Anyone else willing to visit my island, please leave your details in the comments. 

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