Friday 30 October 2015

Halloween Traditions - Book Blogger Edition

We are nearing the end of the Halloween celebrations as we head to All Hallows Eve tomorrow and I decided to quiz our lovely book bloggers on what their Halloween traditions are. 
For my family, Halloween is normally a big event. In fact the whole village take it very seriously. Kids actually come from the surrounding villages to Trick or Treat our area. I normally get through four to five huge tubs of sweets within two hours. I am not joking! My neighbours actually compete for the best decorations. As you walk around our streets,  you find smoke machines, gravestones, eerie music and neighbours jumping out at the kids. 
We tend to start decorating and organising as soon as half term starts. Pumpkins are designed and carved. The hall is decorated and a table of evil is laid out in the window at the front of the house.  I dressed up last year as Sybil Trelawney. This will be the first year I won't be dressing up as I'm not going to be around for the celebrations.
So that's my Halloween traditions, let's see what everyone else gets up to. 

Our Halloween traditions involve lots of cooking, spooky spider iced cakes, jelly filled with jelly snakes, burgers and hot dogs. Trick or treating used to be a big part of Halloween but since we moved to a rural area we have virtually no neighbours! So instead we spend it with friends and the children dress up in costumes for some spooky games.

I love Halloween so I have a few traditions. We usually do the standard pumpkin carving and horror movie watching, and we always have lots of trick or treaters so it's fine having a big bowl of sweets to hand out throughout the evening. We also have a family night near Halloween where me and my boyfriend cook Halloween-themed food for my family - it's a lot of fun to try out new spooky recipes. I do also have a particularly fetching Superman costume for my dog that makes an appearance every year!

Well, my little guy does not like trick or treating, but he likes giving out sweets so we never actually go out. But I would love to have a new tradition and learn how to bake a pumpkin pie!

I've always lived in flats, so every year I simply buy lots of sweets and eat it with my partner.

Halloween traditions - carved pumpkin on the doorstep so that kids know we are open for trick or treaters. Hoping we get some so that I don't end up eating all the sweets I've bought. Dressing up myself. Moaning if we get too many trick or treaters if there's no sweets left for me. Oh, and Mabel comes to stay.

Every year, without fail, me and my little sister bake Halloween gingerbread cookies. We have these kids cookie cutters in the shapes of a cat, witch, a ghost, a pumpkin, a spider and a bat and then we decorate them in garish oranges and green with those ridiculous themed toppers - lots of fun! We always make sure to watch Hocus Pocus and try to carve a pumpkin each, too. 

-Our Halloween traditions - we love dressing up and a fab Halloween Movie night (always get to watch "The Nightmare Before Christmas" and then bring it out again at Christmas too!)

I am a wuss and I really dislike Halloween. I would normally hide if someone knocks on my door that day. 

Our Halloween traditions are to eat loads of Halloween style sweets and treats and normally watch a Halloween related kid’s film with Corey. Then once he’s in bed I normally pick a scary Horror film to bore my husband with…but its tradition! He still maintains that Saw is the worst film he has ever seen *proud face*

That wraps up the Halloween traditions as well as all the posts involving bloggers this week. I want to thank them all for taking part and taking the time to write something for me. 
One more post later today and then it's a very special post tomorrow morning at 10 am. All I can say is #thewitchesarecoming

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