Tuesday 15 November 2016

Tragidoodles by Ben Cameron

Ben Cameron’s tragidoodles have been hailed as “the most upsetting doodles in the world” (Mirror) and as the work of “an artist with a knack for pulling on the internet’s heartstrings” (Buzzfeed).
This first-ever printed collection brings together Ben’s most popular, heartbreaking, bittersweet and endlessly witty cartoons, combining his viral creations with brand new, never-before-shared illustrations. Flip through and witness the dinosaurs’ final moments on Earth, a melting candle facing its all but certain demise, a hedgehog who’s just looking for love, an existential bear and a host of other creatures who are just trying to make it through the day.

Published by Unbound in November 2016
When I think of doodle books, I usually expect them to be funny. The pages tend to have me chortling with laughter. But this isn't the case with Tragidoodles, because every single one of them added another little cut into my already broken heart, which fell apart after reading the cover. This book is a real tear jerker. You will come away looking at matches in a whole new light (seriously, no pun intended).

The doodles are simple yet extremely cute. From the elephant who wants to know how to forget in order to stop hurting, to the baby candle who can no longer see because he is burning to DEATH. I now have feelings for candles! What is this crazy book? Seriously this author gives inanimate objects feelings and shows how hurt they are or how innocent they are to man's cruel and flippant intentions. You will pause every time you put a sugar cube into your tea after reading this.
If you really want to upset someone this Christmas, buy them this book to read. And watch the fall out when they light the candles on the Christmas table. 
Being serious now though, this really is a clever book with an honest and innocent look at the simple things in life. The easiest book buying decision you will ever have to make. 

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