Tuesday 30 April 2019

The Extinction Trials - Rebel by S.M. Wilson

If you haven't read the first two books in the series, stop reading this right now, because THERE WILL BE SPOILERS!
I'm bereft!!!! 
I feel like I've lost some really good friends in a land, I've got no way of getting onto. I've finished the whole Extinction Trials series and I now have  a series book hangover. Nothing can compare. This is by far the best series I've read in ages. I can't believe there will be no more books set in Piloria. 
The final book in The Extinction Trials takes us back to Piloria permanently for colonisation. Earthasia can't cope with the lack of food anymore since the blistering plague stopped everyone dying off. Luckily our heroes of the series manage to get spaces on the boat that delivers them to the dangerous new world they will inhabit. 
Octavius, who joined the characters in the second book leads the new community, alongside the devilish Silas. Oh, how I hate Silas. His interests are completely selfish. 
Starting new lives on Piloria won't be easy and the new arrivals are not prepared as dinosaurs look for their next meal. 
I loved everything about this book. It had me on the edge of my seat. I whipped through the pages, like a speed reader. I couldn't get enough. 
Each book is as tense and excellently plotted as the last. The dual third person perspective worked really well. I loved the progression of the friendships and relationships between the characters.The growing relationship between Storm and Lincoln was beautiful. It wasn't rushed like many books where characters fall instantly in love. I enjoyed watching Storm learn to live with her new family, as she has always been a loner.  I don't even care that some of the dinosaurs were completely fictional. 
The ending tied up any loose ends within the series, but I honestly think there is scope for more books. I want to go back and see what happens when a rival colony come back with Silas, maybe a year or so in the future. I want to see Reban find love again. Please write another one, S.M. Wilson!!!
This series has huge potential for the screen. I really hope someone snaps it up soon. I will say it again, as I've said before, if you loved The Hunger Games or Jurassic Park, then read this series as it brings the best of both worlds together, adding the author's own personal twist, giving you a cracking good series. 

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