Wednesday 3 July 2019

The Little Book of Sewing by Karen Ball

What an utter delight this book is! I used to really enjoy sewing, but fell a little out of love with it, every time something went disastrously wrong. But Karen Ball's Little Book of Sewing made me fall back in love with it, because it is written with such warmth, humour and inspiration, you feel like Karen's right by your side, guiding you through the tough times. 
The book is gorgeous to look at. It is big enough to fit in your pocket, so easily one you can pop in your sewing bag and take to sewing classes or groups with you. It has an adorable feel to the hardback cover too and the artwork is simply perfect. 
The book is set out in seven different chapters, which deal with not only aspects of sewing, but also learning to love your body image and dealing with mental health. In fact, these were my favourite two chapters. I love the bit about naked sewing! Karen makes you feel good about the way you look and how you need to embrace it and create clothes that make you feel amazing. Karen talks about really looking at your body, which is something I've always avoided, but we are all unique and we need to embrace the way we look, because it would be a weird world if we all looked the same. 
I love the idea of mindful sewing. Karen talks about how a repetitive meditative activity, such as sewing can help reduce stress and anxiety. And it's so true. When you lose yourself in an action that you have to think about, you don't have time to dwell on the stresses and strains of life. 
The book is filled with useful snippets of information, alongside inspiring quotes and advice from sewing bloggers. 
This book really makes you feel good about yourself in so many different ways. It is the perfect accompaniement to Karen's highly successful sewing blog, Did You Make That and one to be treasured and turned to when in need of a pick me up. I've read a lot of mindfulness books and this one is just as brilliant, but with the added bonus of taking up a new hobby. 

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