Wednesday 4 September 2019

See All The Stars by Kit Frick

This book was sent to me  by Simon & Schuster for a honest review. 

This book is my new favourite!!! This is another one of those books I think would've made an excellent John Hughes film and I really hope that it is snapped up for a movie. 
I could not get enough of this story. Right from the beginning you are trying to work out what the hell has gone wrong in Ellory's life. Told from two different time lines, we switch back and forth between the past (a year before) and the present. In the past, Ellory's life was fantastic. Just what every teenager would want. An excellent tightly knitted group of friends, a promising future and an adorable boyfriend who seems to come from nowhere and dotes on her every word. But by the following year, Ellory no longer has any friends, or a boyfriend and had been suspended from school. As she embarks on a new school year, alone and hiding from the knowing glares and comments from other students, you are desperate to find out what happened. And the author, Kit Frick, is a real tease, because she keeps you guessing right until the end. What I thought might have happened, is so far from the truth, I was gobsmacked. I actually shouted 'No Way!' at the book. I did not see the ending coming at all. I was so close to tears, as the ending was so emotional. 

The novel is contemporary and very character driven and we see such changes in Ellory, especially as situations arise in the past year storyline, that are heartbreaking at times. Ellory has to grow up in the worst situations to hit a teenager. 

All the characters draw you in, especially Ret, who you can't help but secretly hate a little. You are desperate for Ellory to see what Ret is really like. I loved the relationship between Matthias and Ellory, extremely swoon worthy, but not insta love. 

Kit Frick is a new queen of mastering the art of suspense! I'm in awe of her talent. It's one of the best suspense stories I've read in ages. I couldn't put the book down. Everyone has got to read it. Teens will be whipping this book off the shelves when they hear how good it actually is. 

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