Thursday 16 September 2021

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V E Schwab

Thank you to Titan Books and Netgalley for gifting me a copy of this book. 

OK, I read this last year but never got around to reviewing it and as I'm trying to be really good and decrease my Netgally percentage, I thought it was a good time to put it up. I have no idea why I didn't review it at the time, because it was one of my favourite books last year. 

I love any book that deals with immortality and this provides such a twist to the topic. Set in France in 1714, Addie is so desperate not to marry the man her parents have chosen for her that she makes a Faustian pact with a twist - immortality but added with a curse to be forgotten by everyone she meets. You may thinks that's OK, she gets to lives forever, but eternity can be pretty lonely if no one ever remembers you or grows to love you. Addie has to work hard to find a way into people's memories, usually through the arts. Maybe a song about her, or a painting. But then one day she meets somone who doesn't forget her. 

This book is breathtakingly beautiful from the start and is by far my favourite V.E. Schwab book ever. The whole set up of this story is unique and intoxicating at the same time. I loved Addie and her struggle to be remembered. She never gave up even though her decision in the first place may have been seen as rash and stupid, but she was young. She didn't realise how tough it would be. 

It reminded me a little of How To Save a Life by Matt Haig but with a much better plot and well paced tension. I couldn't put this book down. I was addicted to it from start to finish and I felt so sad to say goodbye to Addie. The ending is really clever. I'm just so sorry it has taken so long to review it. 

If you like your magic with a twist, you will love this. 

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