Monday 5 January 2009


I have been very brave and signed up for six different reading challenges to see me through to the end of the year.

It may sound like a lot of books, but luckily the challenges can overlap. They all run from January through to December 2009. I have provided links down the left side of my blog, if you wish to join in. I will also keep a record of my progress down the left side too, so you can see how I am doing.

The challenges are as follows:

In Her Shoes - read 4 biographies, autobiographies or memoirs.

Young Adult Book Challenge - read 12 Young Adult books.

New Authors Challenge - to read 25 authors new to me this year.

Support your Local Library Challenge - to read 12 books from the library.

A to Z challenge - to read 26 books alphabetically by title and 26 books alphabetically by title, though they don't have to be in order.

The Vampire Challenge - to read 3 books with vampires in. Only I can't find this challenge,so if anyone knows where I picked it up from, please let me know.

I know it sounds quite a lot, but as they can overlap and I read so much anyway, I am pretty game for the challenges.


  1. Ohhh they all sound like fun! Kind of makes me want to go read a book right now - but then, what doesn't?


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