Tuesday 10 February 2009

Library Loot,Charity Finds and Nintendo Dog

I took the girls to the library to get some new books this week and here are the books we picked up. I picked up three.

The Shamer's Signet by Lene Kaaberbol. This is the second in the Shamer series. I read the first one earlier in January and really loved it, so I am really looking forward to reading the second one.

Palace Pier by Keith Waterhouse. This is the man who wrote Billy Elliot. I chose this book because it is set on Brighton Pier,which is near to where we live and one of my favourite places to visit.

Among Ruins by Harriet Vyner. I picked this specifically to help me with my A to Z authors - not many U,V, X and Z authors around!

My girls picked an abundance of Jacqueline Wilson books. I have kept them away from these for as long as possible, as sometimes I find the content unsuitable. This time, I caved as they have been so desperate to read Tracy Beaker, which I am tempted to read myself.

I also went to the charity shop again and picked up these wonderful books. I have read Garden Spells before and loved it,so I thought it would be nice to have my own copy. If you like the film Practical Magic, you will love this book. Ursula Under was recommended by the author of The Time Travellers Wife, a book I loved reading. I was really pleased to pick up A Thousand Splendid Suns as I really enjoyed The Kite Runner, by the same author. I have never read Anita Shreve, but a lot of people rave about her so I thought I would give one of hers a try.

I thought I would share this picture with you too. This is the Doodahs Deluxe ready to play on the Nintendo DS lite. He even has the most suitable game for his breed, Nintendogs!
Not sure about the fashion designing one though.
So there is my little haul of books for the week. Have you bought any books this week? What did you get?


  1. How old are your girls? I've read a few Jacqueline Wilson books (not any of the ones you pictured) and I'd try to avoid letting my children read them for as long as possible as well.

    I liked a lot of Anita Shreve's books at one time. Then either I changed or she changed and I just couldn't get into her books anymore. From A Wedding in December through to her latest books I just can't read her.

    I haven't bought any books recently. I keep meaning to stop into more charity shops to search for books but I haven't had the chance and the snow stopped me for too much of last week. I'm still playing catch-up!

  2. I have read A thousand Spendid Suns and was amazed by it. Right from the begining I couldn't put it down and felt truely moved by it, not many books have ever reduced me to tears but this one did. I found it an easier read then The Kite Runner.
    Thank you for your birthday wishes and yes I am having a good one. Lewis brought me The 19th Wife and Ellie brought me a bottle of Bubbly and a box of Chocolates now need no more excuses for sitting down and enjoying myself.

  3. great library loot! enjoy it :)
    I am going to have to read Garden Spells then, it sounds good.
    Looks like the girls got some great books too.
    Cute pup!

    p.s. you won a book at my blog, please email me your snail mail


  4. Your dog is gorgeous. You got such a good load of books-wow. A Thousand Splendid Suns was so good and so is The Pilot's Wife. I'll have to look into that Ursula Under one as I loved The Time Traveller's Wife.

    On another note I picked up those Ann Turnbull books you had on your blog. They sure sound good. I hope I can fit them in. I've got to get my library loot post up.

    Happy Reading--you certainly have some good choices to choose from.

  5. What a sweet face! I did get a lot of books in this week. Too many to name. Seven are for two challenges and other two are ARCs. I have been spending like crazy. I need to stop and start reading these...lol!

  6. You've gotten yourself some really nice books there! Enjoy them! Garden Spells have been on my wish list for a long, long time. :)


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