Wednesday 11 February 2009

The Magician's Nephew by C.S. Lewis

The Magician's Nephew by C.S. Lewis

Pages - 171

Challenges - 100+ books and A to Z Author.

I actually bought the set of these books for my girls, I paid £1 for all seven of them, before Christmas. I can remember reading them when I was a child, so I thought they would fit perfectly with the Inner Child weekend set up by dovegreyreader. It took me just one day to read, so I would definitely recommend it for a quick read.

The story is about Digory and Polly, who are tricked by Digorys' uncle into travelling to another world. They end up in the woods between worlds and decide to explore the different worlds surrounding them in the form of pools. The first world they enter is coming to an end and whilst their they awaken a wicked witch, who manages to leave the dying world with them by holding onto Digory. She follows them into a new world, which has only just begun. The world is Narnia, which they all watch begin to grow as Aslan the lion sings his creation songs. It takes him seven hours to bring his world to life with plants, trees, sea and animals. However, evil has been brought into the world, in the shape of the wicked witch and Aslan sends Digory on a journey to bring back an apple from the sacred garden in order to protect Narnia from the witch.

When I was a child, I was unaware of the parallels to the Bible, but now as a grown up I find them blatantly obvious. The similarities I found are as follows.

Aslan as the Creator, creating the world in seven hours rather than seven days.

The apple tree in the sacred garden resembling the apple tree in the Garden of Eden.

The witch representing the evil serpent, tempting Digory to eat the apple.

There are probably a lot of other similarities which I failed to spot, but it was interesting to be able to list the similarities.

Originally this was the sixth book written in the series, but the series was later renumbered putting this book at the beginning.

I did enjoy rereading this book, because I felt I was reading it at a different level from when I was child. Due to all the biblical references that surpassed me as a child, it was like reading a completely different book.

I would definitely recommend it as a good read,even if you read it as a child.

If anyone has noticed any other Biblical connections in this books, do leave a comment.


  1. I found the biblical references fascinating - just very neat to see how well done it was.

  2. Great review! Can you believe I haven't finish the The Chronicles of Narnia series even though I bought it ages ago?...


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